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“Flow like water” is a famous statement from Martial Arts Master Bruce Lee. In this article I am going to discuss how you can instill this philosophy into your  MLM  experience and start creating the business of your dreams…today.

When you’re about to speak to someone about your business how do you feel? Take a moment to analyze this feeling, this emotion. I want you to picture in your thoughts that you are picking up that phone to introduce them to what could possibly be a life changing opportunity.

Does the possibility excite you that they are in the right point in their life that will leave them to be open to creating a dynasty with you and your network marketing mastermind? Are you pleased that you can bring them a way out of the daily grind that their life has become? Maybe you’re looking forward to sailing off the coast of Italy with them as a result of the hard work you have put in to building a profitable business.

All of the above possible outcomes of course are but a few of the ways you might be feeling right now but if you’re like most home based business developers you probably are dealing with the anxiety that is building up in the pit of your stomach.

The thoughts that are racing through your head contain such statements as “I really wish this person gets in because I know if I can just close THEM all my problems will be over.” Or maybe your not able to think at all because of the nagging self doubt that they are going to say no…just because it is you asking.?

What if they laugh at me and say “Are you in ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE THINGS? I thought you were going to retire with the last one.”

If your thoughts and feelings are more like the second set of emotions then I have something to tell you that is going to ease your mind and enable you to start recruiting more representatives to your team… TODAY.

The secret to “Flowing Like Water” in prospecting opportunities can be summarized in this mantra which you can repeat to yourself throughout the day until it becomes who you are at the core level:

It does not matter whether this person joins my business. I am not attached to the outcome of this conversation because I know that my success is not dependent upon them. Abundance and prosperity follow me everywhere that I go because I flow like water.

Since my success in network marketing is never dependent upon any ONE person joining my business I don’t care about a particular outcome of just one conversation. We can then begin to understand why the true secret of success in networking is having a large group of people taking simple consisten daily actions over a period of time.

In knowing this secret to success we can see that our success is not based upon individual actions but in fact upon our own simple consistent daily actions over a period of time.

This is not a get rich quick business my friends. It is in fact a get filthy rich enterprise spaced out over 2-4 year period of time.

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Source by John A. Chatman