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When senior citizens become old enough to collect social security, they may come to the realization that they are now watching the sun set on life. They have made it to this stage of life when there is generally more time available but often less money. They may find that there is a need to supplement the small income with which they are now living.

Some seniors who retire from successful careers with good retirement plans or great investments may find that they are now living without having to go to a job but with almost as much money as they had when they were working. This may be rare, but some in the older generation have these advantages. The sunset years are beautiful for them. There are many more, however, who find that it is a struggle to make ends meet in their later years. They have struggled their whole lives and continue to do so in retirement.

There are many reasons for starting a home based business such as time freedom and a better quality of life. For older people who decide to venture into this arena, it is often a matter of necessity in order to earn enough money to get by with daily necessities. They may have found that their housing expenses have been reduced, but their medical expenses may have escalated even with the benefits of Medicare. Their health is not as it once was, and doctor bills can be high.

Network marketing (MLM or multi-level marketing) has been around for decades as an alternative to working a nine-to-five job and as a way for some few people to earn a substantial income. The really successful distributors who have made it in MLM are living a life style to be envied while having more money than they will ever need.

Senior citizens who scoffed at the idea of MLM when they were young and successful may now enter these home based businesses with the hope of supplementing their meager income. Some successful people have found that their funds can use a boost because of the tanking of their investments which had been counted on to sustain them in their later years.

This particular business model of network marketing is something that almost anyone can afford to do. It does require a small investment and a monthly expenditure for products which are generally more expensive than in retail stores. However, they offer the hope and chance to earn money.

It should be noted that MLM is not an easy business in which to find success. It takes a lot of dedication, and a person must be willing to work hard. It does not come easily for most people, and a large income is highly unlikely. It is possible to succeed, however, and that knowledge helps people to want to try.

Watching the sun set on life is definitely more pleasant with enough money to live comfortably without financial stress and worries.

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Source by Irene Mori