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Body improvement, healthy lifestyle and awareness, even body enhancement are often the major concerns of the rapid growing MLM business today. It’s an indication that what most people want in life is to feel better, live longer and enjoy life as they age. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? So let me give you some insight about the products the company “ARDYSS” is offering and the benefits of these products while earning and income at the same time.

History of the Company

Ardyss International Company was founded in Las Vegas Nevada back in 1997 which as far as MLM companies goes is a long time since most fail in the first two years. It was registered by a man named Miguel Arvaez as its CEO. Similar to other company’s purposes, the extensive lines of products are developed with the sole purpose of improving health and changing life for the better. Ardyss takes a unique approach to health, wellness beauty and compensation.

The Product

Ardyss has a variety of products that lets you live longer, and helps you fight a number of diseases. The said company is selling two types of products. The first product is a variety of clothing line which is also considered as the first step in the business system. Ardyss International promotes products like the Body Magic, which most women attest to its brilliance and ingenuity, slims the body by 2-3 inches instantly and the Angel bra which minimizes and enhances breasts. Other garments don’t only enhance people’s appearance but also provide physical benefits as well, like supporting and improving posture and muscle tone. The second product is of course about nutritional supplements which includes LeVive Juice and Ardyss Mangostana. Both contain nutrients that improve immune system. These are just some of the nutritional products that help maintain the body and enhance its function to its maximum potential and capacity. These supplements also give positive effects in getting rid of toxins and restoring overall body balance. So, ARDYSS is focused on promoting both clothing and the supplements products.

Compensation plan

When it comes to compensation plan, here’s how it works. The Network Marketing Compensation plan requires that you enroll five people to start the business which will enable you to earn an income. Ardyss believes in the power of work of FIVE (5) where there would be five personally referred member and then help them find their own set of five people. You receive First Order Bonuses for enrolling a person as well as an additional bonus if they purchase a power pack starter kit. Recurring revenue comes from having your team on autoship and growing your volumes. You receive 5%,10% and 15% bonuses as you build your team. There are also higher bonuses as you grow your team. They use a unilevel compensation plan and you must be personally active to be able to participate in the bonuses. Of course with this type of MLM business, again effort and strategic planning is the key for you to reach your goals.

In conclusion, Ardyss International is a good company. It provides individual a legit way to earn money. Also, it offers opportunity to become a successful marketer. However, it is not the company who will determine the individual’s success. The company will just be a way. What’s really needed to succeed in this kind of business is the knowledge and skills in marketing. So if you are looking into making it with this company, I’d recommend finding a sponsor who has already had good success with this program, and learning all you can from them. After all, this is a marketing field which means a parallel knowledge is what you need to make things work out properly.

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Source by Bob B Howard