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You are here for a reason. You didn’t ‘stumble’ upon this page because it was a mistake. You have the millionaire mindset and you are here because you are an entrepreneur. Now you want to know just how to cultivate your millionaire mindset using the same strategies of the professional 7-figure networkers. Your millionaire mindset knows the wealth you deserve and the lifestyle you desperately want to achieve NOW, not in ten years, but NOW.

Like you, my friend, I got into the MLM industry because I wanted the financial freedom and lifestyle everyone who was in the industry talked about. I joined a few different MLM’s thinking everyone would need and want the product I was selling and I’d be able to create my wealth because I too would be one of the top earners of the company; that was not the case.

I even joined one MLM because a big named professional triathlete was a part of the company, a friend of mine said, “if his name is on the product it’ll sell to anyone”. I signed up very few people under me. As it turns out everyone’s got a juice, everyone’s got a protein and everyone’s got a story. And honestly, people don’t care if a big named professional triathlete is using the product.

I spent all of my time pitching the business to others, instead of spending the majority of my time performing the activity that paid me… taking orders! This was not creating the lifestyle I wanted to achieve, but why? Why couldn’t I figure out what the others were doing that I wasn’t?

I realized that the people making the most money in this business were making money in their sleep. They utilized leverage and this was how they were acquiring true wealth.

So, I took some radical steps, some incredible risks and identified that making money on the internet is strictly based on leveraging and a systematic approach to creating wealth. With this being said, I can teach you everything I know and am constantly learning about making money on the Internet.

There is a phenomenal system that uses leverage and a systematic and strategic approach and you can learn it too if you’re serious enough to take some action.

The process is a great deal of fun and once you figure out how to use it becomes almost effortless once you understand the leveraging, strategy and systematic marketing concepts I will share with you.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself…

I am 43 years young and currently live in Monterey, CA and am currently planning my first 3 month ski trip with my furry 4-legged family in the Colorado Rockies.

Over the past several years, I’ve had many professions… I’ve gone from waiting tables, to bartending, washing boats, being a secretary, and salesperson to name a few. I kept with my persistence in the home based business opportunities and MLM’s, because I was so motivated and driven to succeed to create the lifestyle I had dreamed for myself. It’s an obsession with me and I know I will never give up. Even if I had to live in a tent I would pursue my goals. Yet, I kept coming up with an empty wallet.

In July of 2010 I went to a live event and my life changed forever….that’s where I learned about

The “Coffee House Letter” and this Letter changed all of THAT!

Now I enjoy running my business on my laptop from anywhere I choose.

And people contact me wanting to know more about my business. They seek me out! They choose to learn about me and my opportunity. I have dedicated and committed interested prospects contact me now, on auto-pilot, because I use leverage and a systematic approach. Yes, and all without me in pursuit of them.

I will teach you how to do this too, but all you need to know for now is the difference in my approach with the system I use is different than anybody and everybody else out there.

Like me, you’ve probably wasted time and more money struggling to figure out how to succeed with your own business, thinking to yourself “is this really possible?!”

If you’ve been in network marketing yourself, you know it’s a LOT harder than they tell you, and the lifestyle and wealth do not come with their products like they say they do. 97% of home business owners actually spend more than they make and 95% of businesses fail in their first year.

I’m not going to become one of those statistics so I looked beyond my comfort zone and admitted to myself I knew nothing about marketing, and the only way I was going to survive was if I invested time and money on learning how to market.

At the Live Event in July 2010, the No Excuses Summit, I discovered “attraction marketing” and learned how to attract endless new distributors into my business just like the professional marketing gurus Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson, Andrew Cass and many others. I met a great many professional 7-figure networkers and achieved a notebook full of incredible value and it’s also where I learned about this notable marketing call to action called The Coffee House Letter.

The Coffee House Letter related to me because not only did it sum up the problems I’d had with the MLM businesses, it also gave me the opportunity to understand what problems were still to come as I increased my downline, my network and my net worth. The Coffee House Letter promised to show me the solution to disappointments I had previously faced in my own MLM home based business opportunity.

I was able to learn first hand from the greatest, best, brightest, and most notable 7-figure networkers in this world in person and in real time for three days at the No Excuses Summit.

Here are some pictures to give you social proof of exactly who I’m talking about. I even trained (yes, I’m an NASM CPT personal trainer) Jeff Learner while he was at the Summit. So, I knew it was truth. And, yes, these people are real.

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Source by Nicole Jolie