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How to create an autopilot internet marketing system no matter what you sell, who you sell to or why you think your business, product or service is different — and how to get up and running in 30 days.

How a Friend Went From 0 To $7,500 In 7 Days Using “Step Number 3.”

This article is a full-blown cheat sheet on how to create an Autopilot Business – Internet marketing systems that make sales, put money in your bank account, pay your bills and give you the Internet marketing lifestyle — whether you believe in it or not, think you can do it or not.

I’m going to talk about two controversial, highly loaded words…

1.  Autopilot

2.  Internet lifestyle

Is it possible to go from 0 to $7500 in 30 days? Is the Internet lifestyle dead, a myth or alive and well? Do only a select few make it in Internet marketing? Is the only thing that sells on the Internet ebooks about Internet marketing? Does autopilot really exist or is it a bunch of b.s.? My friend  is quite an inspiring person. He went from 0 to $7500 in his Internet marketing business in 30 days – starting as a school teacher. How?

Here’s his basic system:

1.  He created an info product

2.  He sold it on the internet

3.  He got other people to sell it and paid a commission

Now, I went from $3,500 a month to $30,000+ a month when I implemented step #3. Back when I got started, I was doing OK at $3,500 a month, selling my info on copywriting and creating info products. But things kicked into a whole new level when I put step #3 into force.

Matter of fact, I think I knocked out that $7500 on day 4 or 5.  THAT is the power of step #3. If you were to take everyone in the WORLD who surfs the Internet with an English browser, you’d find that 1 out of 102 have been to one of my web sites, as measured by 24 cookies. Now, is the Internet lifestyle a myth as some say? Do you need a big office and tons of employees? My answer is NO. And I can prove it.

I did it 7+ years with a few virtual employees in Canada I’d never met and still to this day, don’t know what most of them looked like. So anyone who tells you it can’t be done without an office is feeding you a misrepresentation of the truth. Another big myth is that the ONLY things that sell online are how to market online. Yeah right. Last year as I recall total ecommerce on the Net exceeded $6.2 billion dollars, and that was the U.S. alone.

Here’s another big myth:  You have to be selling in a niche outside of Internet marketing to have the right to sell something about Internet marketing. That’s dumb. The Internet marketing audience IS a niche. And it’s probably the most competitive of all. If you can sell in it, I doubt there’s a niche you can’t sell in.

Personally, I’d say people who haven’t sold offline like I have don’t have the right to teach selling online. It’s probably not the truth, but it’d be a good sales angle! All of that stuff is positioning to try to eliminate the competition.  None of it is the truth.

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Source by Marlon C. Sanders