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I am sitting in the Melbourne CBD writing this article, completely mobile and completely free from the chains of an office. Imagine a lifestyle where you can travel from City to City work the hours you choose and make the type of money that is usually reserved for the sports and movie stars.

There are jobs like this out there you just need to find them and by the end of this article you will know what to look for! To add to my story, it is 6pm and I have a half an hour to kill before my next meeting. I am sipping on a latte and watching the different people coming in and out of this up-market coffee shop! This has become one of my favourite pass-times since quitting my nine to five and finding the freedom of working for myself. Please read between the lines of this short story to understand the message I am putting across.

When I first set out on this journey I found a lot of resistance. Resistance that come in many different forms. I had my friends and family lecture me that I was taking a huge risk. I had my own demons to face and my internal voice kept telling me that I was making a huge mistake. I have come to learn that you do not find freedom and wealth by playing it safe, in fact wealth often hides from those who play safe and they only ever find mediocrity.

Sure these types of people make ends meet, pay the bills and buy a luxury here or there but what I am talking about is the type of lifestyle that allows us to travel the world first class, pay for expensive cars and live how we choose, not how we have to.

You have heard the many stories of the rags-to-riches posted all over the internet and do you know what it was that led them to success? Taking massive action!

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Source by Simon Maselli