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The secret to a seven figure yearly income starts with understanding the secret to a 3 figure income, and a 4 figure income. Many people are so focused on the goal, they forget to watch the ground beneath their feet.

The Secret to Marketing Success begins in an unlikely place…

Learning about marketing, copywriting, sales, prospecting, relationships and follow-up are all crucial. But they are still only a fraction of the real secret.

Change Your Mind…

Change Your Fortune!!

Napolean Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, would not have become such a Bible of extremely successful people if it did not speak the truth. The most powerful marketing tool that you have is your mind. You can own every skill, every sales script and every technique and still never reach your financial goals.


Because of the power of your mindset and your thoughts to pave the road or trip you up. It can start with something as simple as Fear of Success. Many people are aware of fear of failure — that feeling of being afraid to try because it might not work out the way you hope. What many are not familiar with is something equally as paralyzing, which is Fear of Success. To succeed at a level you’ve never reached before is to approach the unknown. For many, the unknown is a scary place. Even without realizing it consciously, many will unconsciously sabotage their own efforts to prevent the need for extreme change or readjustment in lifestyle.

Fear of Success is just one of the many ways in which our minds can derail our efforts as we proceed down the path to our financial dreams. There are many others. People who care about you, may trip you up in the guise of trying to protect your from disappointment. You may struggle with focus, goal setting and productivity since working at home requires a very new set of skills not normally needed in structured office environment.

There are many things you can do to address the stumbling blocks that your own mind puts out in your path. The first thing is to become very, very aware of your inner chatter and the daily habits which set the stage for your productivity. Be clear on your goals, your business plan, your why statements and your own sense of purpose. These things alone will clear some of the mind clutter and allow you to become more focused and productive.

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Source by Deborah Tutnauer