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Napoleon Hill Introduced an Essential Concept to MLM Success in His Book “Think and Grow Rich”

I was just with my songwriting group discussing our leadership changeover (I’m taking over for a while). We had Yum Cha and sorted out all the details and what we wanted to accomplish for the group, different guest speakers and how we were going to get out members to the next level.

We put together our success plan, delegated and decided on how to execute that plan. We’re definitely on track and have a national publisher coming to visit, our birthday celebrations and a live cross to the USA planned-awesome stuff!!

Next we wanted to grab a coffee (who doesn’t love that right). With official business being over we started talking about our own musical careers and what we have planned. And this was an amazing hour of conversation and all four of us using our combined experience to help each other with different aspects of our musical journeys.

That hour is what I want to talk about. A bell started ringing in my head and brought up Napoleon’s book and the concept of the mastermind team. That’s what we were doing in our coffee session. Four people helping each other out. Masterminding on how to achieve our dreams and goals for our musical careers.

The importance of having an MLM mastermind team hit me hard.

Our MLM Success Relies So Much on that Team.

I had never totally gotten this concept before today. I have always put myself in front of great information online and thought of those mentors as my MLM mastermind team. And that is extremely beneficial, but it does lack the human element. The reality… the actuality of talking to people about your business.

My group did ask me about what I was doing at the moment and I proceeded to mention The MLM Success Strategy blog, doing some online consulting with new clients and with one of the group on her musical project Ukulele Baby.

They were very interested…

WHY? Because I wasn’t selling them and also because I had a relationship with these people and have proven my value to them.

So today two things hit me:

1. The importance of finding a MLM mastermind team

2. The importance of building relationships

Now of course this isn’t new to most people, but I know it’s very important to share our experiences and real life examples of these principles in action.

I Want to Keep Setting Myself Up for MLM Success.

Likewise I want you to as well. You can do this by finding your online MLM mastermind team /mentors and also your offline team. This creates more certainty in our minds. This creates more certainty in our prospects minds too.

You give off a different energy when you are certain of MLM success. Because it’s not an “I’ll try this and see if it works out” situation. You create for yourself an “I will do whatever it takes and surround myself with a great team” situation.

And which one is more appealing to you?

Get out there and meet new people. Get to know them, not sell them. You will quickly find likeminded people when you’re open to it. Find an MLM success group. An easy way to start is to use there are heaps different groups there and there’s surely one in your state and country. Add me as a friend while you’re there.

Lastly but not least, it never hurts to drum in that the network marketing business and business in general is all about relationships. And your MLM success will come from building relationships wont it?

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Source by Matty Patterson