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Your Wish Is Your Command is a course sold by marketing genius Kevin Trudeau. No one can ever say that he is not a compelling salesman and his infomercials hawking various products are legendary. This latest product targets the natural desire for wealth that most people obsess about while also pushing conspiracy theories that blame “secret societies” for keeping the secret of wealth and prosperity from the masses.

While there are, no doubt, secret societies, his claims that these societies gave him “secret information” that enabled him to live life in the lap of luxury are dubious at best. The Your Wish Is Your Command product may help people become motivated to take some action to change their lives, but those that think that they will get access to some sort of “Aladdin’s lamp” that will give them anything they want will likely be very disappointed.

The Your Wish Is Your Command product consists of a 10 CD package recording of a $10,000 per person course Kevin Trudeau held in the Swiss Alps. People can get these CD’s for ten payments of $39.70 or a one time payment of $297.

In addition to the CD’s, customers of Your Wish Is My Command will also get an “exclusive invitation” to join The Global Information Network which Trudeau claims is a secret society of the most powerful, influential and wealthiest people on the planet. There is no doubt that this membership will require more money, but many will believe that this membership will give them access to more secrets that the masses do not know.

Self improvement and motivation and information courses are a multi-billion dollar industry. The real secret to success is that it requires hard work, creativity and sometimes, being in the right place at the right time and then taking action. This has been true since the dawn of time and those that think that this course will solve all of their life problems will likely be disappointed.

In today’s difficult economy, there are still many people that are building wealth and improving their lifestyles. Many are doing so by taking advantage of 21st century technology like the internet. Most that create significant wealth quickly do so by working hard, thinking outside the box and often by learning how to take advantage of cutting edge internet marketing methods.

Many may find value in the Your Wish Is Your Command course, but to truly achieve life improvement people need to look at their own actions and not depend on some mystical society to improve their lifestyle.

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Source by Steve Jankowski