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Choosing the right company is the most important step in network marketing.

There are many to choose from which compounds making this decision.

My recommendation to those starting out is search companies in a field you feel passionate about. My passion is alternative health, this cut my options down somewhat, of course there are many alternative health companies to choose from so on to the sorting.

Working with a company that operates with ethics was important criteria to me so I refined my search by looking in the Direct Selling Association. The knowledge that this association puts companies through a year long application process and that only 213 companies of the vast number of companies in business, made the decision much easier.

Try the product as a customer first, give it a couple of months to make sure it does what it claims to do, if you have success with the product the first step is in place for success as a member, you have your story.

Do not be impatient when choosing a team to work with. Talk to different leaders in the company finding out what they are doing to build a successful and ethical business. Ask about the training systems they have in place and the opportunity calls to bring your prospects to. Attend these calls and see how they match up to what you are looking for.

After talking with several leaders your decision will be much easier. You have now made an informed decision and are ready to begin your career as a network marketer.

This is a very important step but does not ensure your success, that depends on how hard you are willing to work towards your success and the time you will put into it.

I have been in the industry for many years, I aligned myself with a trusted and respected business that has stood the test of time. Offering many products appealed to me over the one product companies as we do are not a one size fits all society. My passion for the environment was a key factor in my choice also as they do much for the environment. Each of us in this industry are here to make money but your interests in life should be a defining factor in your choice.

Network Marketing allows us the time freedom to spend with our families, to travel when we choose and to help others do the same. There are many tips to success in this industry but true success comes with honesty and integrity in your work ethics.

Cheryl C McNeil


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Source by Cheryl C Mcneil