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Multi-level Marketing ( MLM ) has a business model that is in a class all by itself. The  MLM  business model has two very distinct characteristics that no other direct sales business enjoys.

Multi-level marketing is perceived as an anybody, everybody can do this business. As a result, anybody and everybody is seen as a prospect for this busines model. There are no specific qualifications for the person who wants to join the  MLM  company. There are no qualifications for newest members of an  MLM 

The  MLM  industry has the highest failure rate of any other industry. There are over 13 million  MLM  marketers in the United States alone, according to the DSA. The  MLM  industry sponsors provide training, workbooks, hotel meeting 3-way calls, and more to provide the tools to success for the new millions of newbies who want a home based business.

The failure rate for this business is estimated at 90%. But everyday thousands of individuals all across the country sign up for the newest, greatest network marketing company.

The compensation plans are great.  MLM  is described as the last frontier for the “Little Guy” to make it. The products that  MLM  Companies bring to the market are on the cutting edge of nutritional supplementation. These products are called the sizzle products.

All the books,tapes and meetings are committed to the success of the  MLM  marketer.

So, what is the problem?

The inherent problem with  MLM  is that everyone has an upline but not everyone has a downline.

The money is in the downline. The big recruiters have over 5,000 or people in their downlines. They drive the fancy cars and live in the houses on the lake. These millionaires talk to you about living the dream.  MLM  promises to provide that dream for you.

Look at your downline. How many people do you have? Even if duplication was happening and the 2 get 2 formula works, you would have a total of maybe 15 people? Statistics show that the average person in a  MLM  or network marketing will recruit only 3 people in their downline.

The old approach to downline building limits your ability to build your downline effectively. The old system taught by Amway distributors is outdated. There is a better way today to build your  MLM  business. You can build your home based  MLM  Business faster and easier using the incredible power of the Internet. Even better, you can help your downline repeat your success.

The new multi-level marketing enthusiast is a sophisticated internet user. This internet user wants to know how to make money in a home based business. This person has been looking at opportunities on the Internet and will join yours when it Is presented with professionalism and facts.

The problem with the old approach is you went after your prospect. You begged, pleaded and tried to intimidate the prospect to get them to attend the meetings. You begged the prospect to agree to 3-way call with your upline. Suddenly, your prospect is not answering the telephone. Your prospect is trying to avoid you.

The new approach to  MLM  downline building is using a system that allows your prospect to come to you. You only speak to qualified, targeted prospects who have requested more information about your company.

You purchase guaranteed signups for your  MLM  business. Everyday you have new enthusiastic prospect coming to you so you can explain that great compensation plan. The guarateed signups have already qualified themselves for your program. A fully integrated system can provide you with 100 or more guaranteed signups for your business.

Can you say highly qualified, targeted leads, guaranteed signups, guaranteed success?

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Source by Joseph Then