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The best home business is a home business that attracts customers. I’m sure that many will agree that if there is a yardstick to measure or qualify any business as “the best,” it could very easily start with the number of customers it would attract. Ultimately this is the number one priority of business and the guideline to what appears on the bottom line of a financial report.

Maybe other qualifiers would include how much of a return on investment the product or service could provide on a constant basis. This could be followed with how much growth potential there is for the future. Other elements of consideration could include personal interest and maybe a high level of fascination for the product or service. No doubt there are other things to consider as well, but none should rank higher than the concern for customer traffic.

You get the idea. It’s understood that any business, regardless of its product or service, needs customers. Even the Federal Government must have customers for its social programs. Usually a business will fail without customers, and that’s why the best home business is a home business that is able to attract customers.

As a comparison, Federal Government programs act differently. Lawmakers will continue to administer programs even though they cannot sustain themselves financially. That’s because it’s not their money they are throwing away; it’s other people’s money.

Individuals are not in the same category. They cannot waste their financial resources. Even medium and large businesses understand that their existence depends on customers arriving at their place of business, from day one, over and over again.

It’s very easy to project your expectations, to think that customer traffic will not be a problem. Try doing a market test and see what kinds of results you get for your business idea. A good example of this is what very often happens when you come across a product or service that has grabbed your attention and appears to be something you could easily promote. Because it has a high appeal for you, you think many others will see it the same way that you do. When you actually begin to promote it to those you thought would grab a hold of the opportunity but doesn’t, it puzzles you. You are stunned. You say to yourself, “Why don’t they see that this as a great opportunity? It’s a no brainer.”

The foregoing example can be applied to your warm market of family and friends. Other direct marketing methods, such as handing out businesses cards or post cards, fliers, telemarketing or knocking on doors, are also tests for what you offer. You will see how readily accepted this is by your contacts response. (Do not get easily discouraged if you really have your heart set on promoting this product or service. Keep testing it and see what it takes to have satisfactory results.)

Don’t be misled into thinking “If I build it, they will come.” This might work for a baseball dream, but it doesn’t work for most businesses. (The movie “Field of Dreams.”)

A home based Internet business has an even greater task, one which has more difficulty at attracting customers. If your business is strictly Internet related you have a very big test ahead. The test is to place yourself, your website, in a place that you can be found by your customer. A group of things needs to be put in place, on your website that will attract them before you think of putting it on the Internet. Learn what the attraction process is and what the elements are which make this attraction possible.

There are a lot of suggestions that will be offered but most of them are misleading. If someone is offering you an easy process or a quick process, very likely it will not work for you. It could very well cost you hundreds of dollars and still not work. This is the nature of the Internet, a plethora of information to recommend that you do this or that. Always exercise caution because your resources are at stake.

A proven strategy for business on the Internet is to start forming your business from the beginning, from choosing your business, your marketing plan, your website and the timeline of events to the allocation of your resources. These are just a few things that you must bring together to make your business into a homogeneous unit that’s centered on winning over the customer. It’s all about putting together a marketing plan that markets your customer. Good Luck!

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Source by Joseph M Chu