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Associates of Mannatech Inc. are gathering in Dallas this weekend for a social media training event—the first ever hosted by the nutrition company.

The two-day event will be led by network marketing coaches Ray and Jessica Higdon, who have built their own business using both online and offline marketing. Mannatech’s Social, Mobile, Global Bootcamp will focus on using a variety of social media platforms to sell products, posting etiquette, populating newsfeeds and other strategies.

“We want to empower our sales Associates to take advantage of the YouEconomy, and this innovative training will open new opportunities for Mannatech entrepreneurs,” said company CEO and President Al Bala. “We believe we are the first company in our space that is providing two days of training on social media with the best experts available.”

In addition to hosting Associates in Dallas, home to its corporate headquarters, Mannatech will livestream the event on July 30–31 for online registrants.

Strategic initiatives like the Social, Mobile, Global Bootcamp are aimed at modernizing and expanding the 21-year-old company, which promoted Bala a year ago to lead the effort. During its annual salesforce meeting in April, MannaFest 2016, the company unveiled sweeping changes to its branding, compensation plan and product line.

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