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Peter was very enthusiastic when he joined my colleague’s team. He said that he could see himself doing well with the company and earning a good income. He saw the potential of network marketing and in particular our company. Yet two months after joining, he called to say that network marketing was too hard and that he was going to quit the business.

This is quite a common occurrence in the industry Most of us have seen this happen. Even though his sponsor tried to direct Peter right from the start, and communicate that it would take work for him to earn a substantial income, Peter didn’t seem to get it.

What was at the root of this lack of persistence? This inability to see the job through? Peter like others in a similar position, had not convinced his subconscious mind.

For simplicity sake, let us say that the mind has two components. The Conscious and the Subconscious. It is only when our beliefs become certainties that we reach the subconscious mind.

Put it this way. The conscious mind is constantly sowing seeds, the subconscious mind is the earth that receives the seed. In order for the seed to grow, the subconscious has to be imprinted with emotion and deep feeling.It is those thoughts and beliefs and actions that we truly entertain with emotion and certainty that become the seeds that take root in our lives.

Remember when you were learning how to drive a car? How you had to be Conscious of every movement…your hand on the gear stick, your foot on the brake…but once you got it, it became a habit, it became second nature. You had transferred your driving skill to your subconscious. Your repetition, or practice led to it being imprinted in your subconscious.

The Subconscious records and retrieves data. Through the autonomic nervous system, it keeps our heart beating and keeps us breathing It is like a huge memory bank, it records everything. It takes its command from the Conscious mind. Whatever we accept consciously, is accepted by our subconscious mind.

It is like a homing device, depending on the data the conscious mind has programmed into it, it keeps you within your comfort zone. Anytime you want to start something new or do something different, you will feel awkward and unsure, its the subconscious that does not feel comfortable.Why? Because you haven’t ‘sucked it to see’ before trying to do the thing.You haven’t ‘tried it for size’

So how to change our life and break out of our comfort zone? To go back to Peter, he was not totally convinced that Network Marketing is a viable way to earn a good living, so he was not able to convince his Subconscious. When the subconscious is convinced about something, it will do everything in its power to make that thing happen, to realise whatever is held in its memory bank.

So if you have convinced your subconscious that you deserve to do well in your relationship for example, it will go to work to make your conviction.a reality. If you convince it that you can’t really do well in network marketing, then that is what it will believe and create for you. So how do you know whether your conviction about network marketing has reached your subconscious? If I were to wake you up in the middle of the night and say: ‘Do you think you can make it in network marketing’ if you answer an emphatic YES that means you believe it with every fiber deep in the depths of your subconscious mind.

How to Communicate with the Subconscious to Boost your Business?

The subconscious mind works best and most productively when programmed at a time we feel particularly relaxed. One of the best times to programme it is just before we fall asleep at night. That half asleep/half awake state is ideal for influencing the subconscious.

So for example, if you want to build conviction in your self that you are in the right industry, that network marketing is the way for you to earn serious money, then the best thing to do firstly is to use your CONSCIOUS mind and find out as much as you can about the industry, the potential and the people who have succeeded in achieving the lifestyle and money you want for yourself.

Next, just before you fall asleep, at night, start to think about all those people who have achieved and then imagine what your lifestyle would be like once you start to achieve.

Do this every night until you begin to feel conviction growing in your, certainty and a positive feeling about being able to succeed in Network marketing. Then slowly and gradually this attitude will become second nature to you, you are convinced and your subconscious is too. You find that you don’t have those negative thoughts that can dampen your spirit and prevent you from going forward with your business.

And we know that if you aren’t positive and happy about your business then it is going to be difficult to convince prospects to join you.

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Source by Duncan Sequeira