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This article is for retirees who want to increase their retirement income so they can enjoy more of what additional income brings during retirement. I’m not talking about a job I’m talking about a change in lifestyle.Not only “Can you snooze and not lose, you can win big”. This is a message to retirees who are looking for ways to help supplement their retirement income. Just suppose you could find something that could:

– Expand your lifestyle instead of downsizing.

– Give you an additional income of $100, $500,$ 2000 dollars a month or maybe even a day.

– Let you earn while you sleep.

– Be your own boss.

– Not have to go to a job.

– Not have to make sales calls or be a telemarketer

– Not have to work for someone else

– Set your own hours

– Have flexible hours

– Conduct your business from anywhere

– Get paid for referrals

The problem

According to the AARP, 30 % of the people who retire will not have a suitable income to support there retirement years and will continue to work. Most of their income will go toward living expenses and unexpected expenses like increased health care, property taxes, etc. As this occurs do you make a decision to shrink your lifestyle or go back to work to pay for the additional expenses.

It was interesting when I did the some research recently, I found that there were few places on the internet that talked about expanding your retirement lifestyle. Most talked about retirement planning, investing for retirement, retirement communities, insurances for health care, long term care, etc. but nothing about increasing your wealth after you are retire.

In addition, newspapers, magazines, TV; and study after study talk about how retirees are struggling to pay for increased health care, taxes, etc. Bottom line many retirees are finding that they must find a JOB usually at the minimum wage to keep up with the increased costs of health care, taxes, etc. No wonder retirees are becoming depressed. The government, the media, and our own thinking makes us feel “life is difficult and having an enjoyable retirement is over”. Well I here to tell you it is not. But you are going to have change.

Change Our Way Of Thinking

As retirees we have to change our way of thinking. I can hear some of you saying “No way I’m retired”. But hear me out. There are three important changes we must make. They are:

First, we have to change our way of thinking about retirement. The traditional retirement thinker feels retirement means they have to live on a fixed income of Social Security, 401k’s, Ira’s, and Company retirement stipends, while grappling with increased costs in health care, taxes, and increased utilities to name a few.

When we can’t keep up with the increases we downsize our standard of living or use the old “get a job” solution and go to work for Walmart, Kmart, etc. to pay the bills. While all the time worrying about whether we are making to much money and will have our SS reduced or have to pay taxes.

Question —- Why not become a Success Thinker and look for a way to expand your lifestyle instead of thinking of downsizing.

Second, we don’t have to live on our fixed income and make only enough money to still qualify for our full Social Security benefit. The old way of thinking is “We don’t want to lose a dime to the government because we deserve it after all these years of working and paying into the system”.

Question — Why not build an internet business which could expand your lifestyle instead of contracting it.

Third, we don’t want to make so much money that we have to pay taxes and have to pay back some of our retirement income (primarily Social Security).

Question —- If your lifestyle improves who cares.

A Better Solution

Well I’m here to tell you that there is a new lifestyle out there, if you want to think outside the box and take the challenge of the 21st Century. Look, retired people are smart, knowledgeable, and have valuable talents, skills, and knowledge that others would want and pay for, if the knew it was available.

The 21st Century has defined a new opportunity and what the term “work” is, for those retirees who want to improve their lifestyle. Technology has given the people who are retired an alternative to living on a fixed income and watching their income erode based on a higher cost of living. The alternative is running an internet business from home, working for yourself, and even paying taxes when you are successful. If you do it right and are successful at operating your own online internet business your can improve your lifestyle rather think about downsizing.

Let’s spend a few minutes talking about starting and operating your own successful internet business as a retiree.

First, I would rather spend my time developing my own business than spending that same time working for a minimum wage at the local superstore.

Second, I would rather spend my time developing an internet business which produces income 24 hours/day and 7 days/week, rather than operating a store which requires a lease, inventory, employees, etc.

Third, I would rather work hard in my own business, than work for someone else’s profit. In either case you are still going to work hard so why not do it for yourself.

Finally we are talking about building a successful business here so why not, as a retiree, build an internet business that expands your lifestyle instead of trying to maintain your current situation which is unacceptable.

How Do We Get There

Ok, let’s talk about how you get there.

First of all we are all old enough to know that there is no such thing as a “Free lunch”. Like I have said we are talking about a new retirement lifestyle and we a going to have to invest our time and money to learn it.

Second, everyone has seen the horror stories about scams, rip-offs, etc. on the internet. Well, I am here to say “Unless you plan to be one of them I don’t think there is too much to worry about if you run your business ethically and follow good business practices to protect your business and yourself.

You know I was thinking the other day, “scam is in the eyes of the beholder”. Let me give you an example. There are two customers who buy the same product on the internet. The product is an e-book (book that can be downloaded to the customers computer) which explains how to “Grow Tomatoes in NYC”. It cost $3.95 and for an additional $9.95 you can buy all the necessary things, seeds, pots, etc. to start your own tomato garden in NYC.

The first person that buys is an expert in plants (probably wouldn’t happen) but lets say he buys anyway and when he gets the material he is unhappy and he accuses you of a scam.

The second person on the other hand has absolutely no experience growing tomatoes in NYC and follows your instructions and uses your products and raises a bushel of tomatoes on his patio on the 20th floor. He is completely happy with the results and buys again the next year and tells his neighbors.

Question — Should you close your business because in the first case you are being accused of being a scammer or should you refund his money and focus your marketing message on “Newbie’s trying to grow tomatoes on their 20th floor patio? I think the answer is obvious. Market to Newbie’s and forget about getting the experts sales.

The message here is “Selling isn’t hard when you have the right marketing message and you reach the right audience”. Internet marketing opportunities can be worldwide and 24/7. The beauty of this is “Once you have the right marketing message for your products your internet store is open 24hrs per day and 7days per week and you don’t even have to be there because it is on autopilot”.

So what should you do if you need additional income? Up until recently you only had two options:

· Go to work for someone minimum wage

· Downsize your lifestyle

Well now I have introduced a third option. Change your lifestyle and become a successful internet business owner. The key word here is successful because you can make more money than working for someone else and a successful internet business will help expand your lifestyle. Find out more information at Build Your Own Retirement Business

Thank you

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Source by Bill McCarthy