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EIRO Research has a super drink. Great another health drink claiming to be the best right? Well, not quite because they claim to have scientific research that focuses on superoxide dismutase. Before we get into that, we want to have all the facts about the company primarily the products and the compensation plan to see if this really is worth the effort to build a lucrative income with.

EIRO Research is a company that is determined to discovering, developing and delivering innovative wellness solutions. They also want to educate people on the health benefits of overall wellness, proper training and living a balanced lifestyle. Third they want to empower people to achieve a better quality of life by offering superior earning potential through network marketing. Finally they want to give back by donating to local and global charities.

The products EIRO Research provides have a focal point in superoxide dismutase. They claim that this enzyme is important to the body’s oxidant defense system and neutralizes the superoxide radical, one of the most prevalent free radicals roaming in the body. Superoxide dismutase levels decrease with age and lower the chances of cell protection and DNA protection from oxidative stress. Their main products include: EIRO, EIROfit, EIROenergy, EIRO lean, and EIRO burn.

Neat little product, but where do entrepreneurs start building? What’s the payout like? After all, you’re here to make some money right? EIRO Research has provided a detailed compensation plan that includes fast start bonuses, preferred customer bonuses, check matching bonus and of course the residual income plan. The leadership positions range from associate all the way to senior vice president. You will have the opportunity to build your enterprise five levels deep with different perks for each position accordingly. As a senior vice president, you will get 10% from your first level, and 5% from levels two to five. Another perk is check matching which offers 25% for personally enrolled associates for levels one to three, 20% on level four and 15% on level five.

How do you actually get to senior vice president though? It can be a brutal market out there and a network marketing business is tough to build on. If you are willing to leverage the internet for your online business, then you need the proper marketing training. Building your business online is by far the most efficient way to spend your time as far as funneling leads into your business. However, there is a particular skillset you must master if you want to make a successful enterprise. The key to building a massive downline is to invest time and effort into marketing techniques. Just as a lawyer must spend years studying books and gaining experience, so must you dedicate yourself to understanding the industry to succeed. Would you want someone who just decided to be a lawyer represent you in court? Of course not. Likewise you cannot just decide to be a marketer today and expect to succeed. Take time to master your craft as a network marketer

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Source by Kevin A Tan