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The speed at which information is processed today is incredible, and the world is changing so fast that the college program “Information Technology Degree” is virtually outdated already. A few years ago at the beginning of the computer age, the term “information technology” was born, as a result of all the information that needed to be processed with computers. But now, years later, new developments in software, search engines, and worldwide communication applications have made the simple term of IT just seem way too general, especially when describing a degree program in college.

If you are considering college, you will need to be aware that receiving a degree in something is not a guarantee you’ll be earning money in that field. For instance, people who went to school in the 70’s to learn how to fix radios and televisions were told that they would have jobs long into the future. However, many solid state devices today, including computers, have eclipsed the knowledge of that day and therefore, the many television repair shops have closed. Technology is moving so fast that the technical skills you learn today, could be outdated before you even finish college.

There is one area however, which is exploding and thriving, will continue to expand, and will never be outdated: I am talking about Internet Marketing. Online Marketing, or network marketing is a field in which many concepts of information technology are utilized and new ideas are incorporated, while outdated methodology is dropped. On a simplistic level, those who enter Network Marketing earn money by sharing information and helping others to do the same. It is the knowledge of opportunities, products, and lifestyle that people are searching for everyday. This makes networking a valuable resource tool which can then lead to profit. You see, in college, students get used to being graded with an A, B, or C to determine if they pass the course. But in the real world, the only passing grade is when you earn profit. Having all the college degrees in the world will still earn you a failing grade unless you can pay your bills.

Internet Marketing utilizes a great deal of information technology, so therefore anybody entering the field of network marketing will learn a great deal about IT. However, be aware that there is a learning curve if you want to get into internet marketing, so when starting your online career, it would be smart to find a good training center or mentor who can guide you toward success. Remember, when you fail in college, you lose your grade, but when you fail in the business world you lose your money.

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Source by Rick P James