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Half the time you read a Juice Plus Reviews, it is written by someone who is a distributor for the company and has other motives behind his or her review. I can clearly state that I am not associated with the company, have never been and as far as I know I do not plan to be anytime in the future. So, I hope I am able to bring to you an unbiased and truthful Juice Plus Reviews.

Juice Plus is a product produced by Natural Alternatives International from Santa Monica California. The distribution arm is a company called National Safety Associates out of Tennessee. The product is part of the Health and Wellness industry that deals with whole food based nutritional products. The nutritional products are intended to compliment a healthy diet rather than become a replacement for part of one’s diet.

The product itself is not a juice as the name would state but rather it is a powder in capsules. This actually is a better method of delivering the positive nutrients of the product because with traditional juices the juice begins to oxidize as soon as the container is open and that is not healthy for a person’s body. The Juice Plus blend includes great ingredients that come from fruits such as acerola berries, pineapple, peaches, papaya, oranges, cranberries and apples. The Juice Plus+ product contains vegetables that are sourced from barley, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kale, oats, parsley, spinach and tomato.

Fruits, vegetables and grains are essential for vitality. We don’t get anywhere near enough in our daily diets. So many of our foods are over processed and the manufacturers have stripped so much of the nutritional value out of them, you never see any bugs in a bag of flour anymore because they won’t even eat it! No wonder our country has such a high rate of heart disease and cancer. Juice Plus simply acknowledges this huge problem and markets a product that is designed to curve the every declining value of the foods available to us today. It certainly is not the answer to all our nutritional problems but they are sure a fresh new direction.

If a person can eat the proper amount of fruits and vegetables recommended daily we would not need products like Juice Plus, but what a sad commentary we are that it is just too difficult for us in our lifestyles to be able to take care of ourselves with what God has given us. Well, that is the value of Juice Plus. If you are unable to eat the way we should, then supplementing it with great products like Juice Plus is probably a good idea.

There has been a good amount of research behind the product as well. 11 peer reviewed medical and scientific journals have been published. These studies provide convincing evidence that the product is rock solid.

One of the only shortcomings I have found with the company is the less than adequate training and tools to help their distributors or franchisees find the success levels they want and deserve. The company uses a Multi Level Marketing direct sales strategy better known as a MLM Network Marketing. I personally believe that is one of the most successful strategies out there but over the years the Network Marketing industry has been given an unfair label put upon it. Much is from this very subject I want to talk about. People give it a bad rap because such a small amount really makes a good living in this industry. There is a lot of money to be made if you have the right training.

Look, a doctor does not become a doctor just because they get the basic training and then is put in front of patients and told have at it. NO, they get training from other doctors who have been trained by other more experienced doctors. It works that way in any industry. No different here. Where companies like this, they give you the basic training and teach you to go visit your friends and family but that is as far as the training goes. That is why there is such a high percentage of failure in our industry. Please understand, the Juice Plus Reviews I am doing here, I am clearly stating that this is a wonderful opportunity for anyone. This is a great company, great product and it helps people have a better life, what more can you ask for.

But, there is always a BUT, truly to become successful in this business, I do not care who you talk to, you need to further your education beyond what the company has to offer you. There are wonderful programs out there that can teach you what you need to know. But the only way you will ever be successful is if you take action.

Remember, action only begins when you take the first step. Take that step now!

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Source by Lou Mertz