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A room with a view. I always say that it is best to have natural sunlight streaming into your home office. If you are like me and suffer through Canadian winters, then you know what I mean. Even with my window and the glass doors on the solarium, I still find it a bit dark in the winter months.

Now if you haven’t purchased a chair yet, take heed. You need a very comfortable one because you will be sitting for long periods of time. I do recommend that you work in bursts of 50 minutes, followed by a 10 minute stretch or coffee break. However if you do not have a chair that is comfy and supports your back, you will notice the pain. Adjust the seat so that your arms are level with the keyboard, use a cushion if need be.

How is your computer screen, are you leaning in to read what you have written? I made that mistake at first. You should be able to sit up straight at your desk and be able to read what is on the screen. If not, you need a new screen.

Printing can be a pain in the butt. Choose your printer wisely. If you do not print a lot or print only for yourself to read, then inkjet is fine. However make sure you choose a printer that has a good feed. I bought a Canon that requires me to sit and manually adjust the large quantities of paper being feed into it, due to the e-books I print out. Not good. If you are printing out documents for clients to read, then you must have a laser printer.

There is a lot of debate about PC’s vs Mac’s still raging on. Personally I am starting to lean towards getting a Mac. The built in programs are supposed to be great. I need software for creating videos and power point lectures and according to my sources, the Mac has the best and easiest features to use in this regards. Up to this point, my Dell has served me well. I do download a lot of free software though and it’s always a guess as to whether or not it’s going to hurt my computer. I can recommend in terms of getting free software for all your office needs. It’s free and only asks that you give a small donation if you are happy.

Now if you are using a cell phone in your home based business, here is a big issue as far as I am concerned. On screen keyboards. Do not buy a cell phone that has this feature. First of all, I have big hands and it’s a pain in the you know what, to type on my HTC.

You cannot use a pen type stylus either; you must use your finger tips. Make one mistake, like drinking 3 large coffees and then trying to type and you will end up on sites you didn’t want. You also have to very careful with this phone and the I-phone, drop it and you will be getting a new one.

I could go over a lot more here but I will end it off with an unusual comment. Keep a lot of water on your desk. You need to stay hydrated and also if you are talking to customers, take a sip before you dial the phone. Your voice will sound much better and also keep a mirror handy and make sure you are smiling and talking. You will come across as a professional and someone who is very upbeat and easy to deal with.

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Source by James W Brown