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Writing and submitting articles is a powerful way to market your home based business websites and now it’s quite a simple undertaking. It is easy to create articles that refer to your online business and then publish them to several article directories. It does take a little time to create the articles and then submit them to the directories, but the pay off should be increased free website traffic and consequently more exposure to your sales opportunities.

This unique article process is usually as follows:

1) Create the article

2) Proof read and correct the article

3) Submit the article to directories

How do Articles Create Free Traffic?

The simplest way articles generate visitors for your website is through grabbing the interest of the viewer of your article so that they want to learn more. The reader will find your website domain url from the link inside your author resource box. You need to ensure the author resource box includes a link to your site.

Marketing with articles is furthermore considered to be viral marketing, which means the article has the potential to grow in popularity as more and more people read it. An example would be other owners from other sites using your articles as reliable content on their websites. As an exchange for allowing the reuse of your article, the resource box will also be included which contains the link back to your website.

With the more articles you create and the more sites keep using them, the number of links to your website also increases. The Search engines will place value on each incoming link to your site. This is how Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo etc determine the relevance of your website. The more relevant it is deemed to be the higher it may place in the free organic search engine results.

Other Purposes of Articles

Articles also build trust between your website and potential customers, which is important as today so many individuals buy online. You have an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise on the product you are providing through writing informative and accurate articles.

An article could be considered a warm lead generator, as people are actually searching for the exact information you are creating articles about.

Article marketing is an ideal way to get your site ranked on the search engines. The biggest drawback when creating articles is the time it takes for the article to propagate. No method of marketing is guaranteed,but in time you almost certainly get the desired results from this marketing method.

The best part about using article writing to market your home business on line is that it doesn’t cost anything. It is time consuming writing the articles correctly and submitting them to article directories, fortunately today there are many resources available to be able to outsource this task if desired. It is worth putting in the time to do this correctly as the payoffs will benefit your home business in the long term.

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Source by Rebecca O Anderson