Get LEADS On Autopilot!

There are lots of ways to make money online and a real lucrative one is the MLM model. Multi level Marketing or MLM, as its called, is by nature easily adapted to the online methods of growing and working a profitable home business. Anyone involved in network marketing has most likely been given the training the way the MLM industry was built, the traditional methods.

The life-blood of any business is customers, clients and associates and a steady and growing number of hungry prospects. The first “traditional method” taught, is to make “The List”. The list is, minimum, 100 people. Friends, family and acquaintance, basically every one you know or talk to that you can approach and sell your product or opportunity to. These are referred to as your hot leads. This is o.k for starters, but has a limited shelf life and even when following the 3 foot rule (prospect ANYONE that gets with in 3 feet of you), you have to sell, cajole, convince and hopefully not drive every one you know or ever will meet, away. Compare this to targeted visitors to your business, people who have typed “how to make money online” or best home business” or “how to MLM market” into a search engine and found your site on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.. That is a “hot” lead. They found you and want what you offer because they were looking for you.

So here are three ways to use the Internet to add value and attract endless leads and prospects to your networking marketing opportunity.

  1. USE the Internet gain knowledge – All the information, tips, tricks and tools that you might ever need or want is on the Internet. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge and value in your chosen field you need to educate yourself on a continual basis. The marketing specialist Mike Dillard has published the amount he has spent on high level and next level marketing mastermind courses in order to stay on top of the game. Terry Tiessen (tltconsulting) also has spent a fortune learning to make a bigger fortune. Delve deep and read voraciously on as much information you can find on topics surrounding Internet marketing, lead generation, traffic generation and SEO website design and implementation. Gather all you can in order to be able to add value in all your endeavors.
  2. Implement the Knowledge – As your study and research progresses, implement the steps immediately. The faster you are hands on, the faster your online presence will become effectual. The authority level of your Internet presence is judged in part by your age online, amongst several other factors such as back-links, web design SEO, content relevancy and usefulness. So as you learn about blogging, start a blog, when reading about proper tagging, make sure your meta tags are SEO’ed (search engine optimized), and always continually honing your copy-writing skills as you build your online identity.
  3. Be the knowledge – You will soon find that the web is a deeply layered and linked, interconnected and equally chaotic. They don’t call it the “web” for nothing, it is a weave of hopefully relevant content, with logical connections and contexts. You will want to become a “hub”, a center point that that feeds value to an ever spreading web of influence. Posture yourself as a leader, approachable, but definitely a shining star in your industry.This is the foundation of what is being called attraction marketing, and you will want to be a master of using it, in a relationship marketing format. Get your online identity started out there with Facebook accounts and pages, Twitter, Linkedin, Ryze, Betternetworker and so on. Give advise and insight where ever possible, exhibiting transparency and openness with a extended value added.

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Source by Terry Tiessen