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Mommy’s Club Review – Is It the Real Deal?

If you’re a mom or a dad who wants to take care of your children the best way you can, Mommy’s Club seems like the perfect membership company to do that.

The company has a wide selection of healthy, toxic-free and all-natural products for the entire family. But more importantly, the network marketing company offers another opportunity for parents to earn extra and later on full-time income to enjoy a financially free lifestyle.

If you’re thinking of joining an MLM company, Mommy’s Club is a new company on the block. It’s sure worth checking out if you’re interested in health and wellness while making extra money on the side.

What is Mommy’s Club?

Mommy’s Club is a network marketing company dedicated to creating a healthier home to raise a family. The company was launched in January 2014 making it a new player in the industry and the first to combine a membership business model and an interactive distribution business model.

As it is a mother’s desire to give the best for her family, Mommy’s Club does not only offer the best products but it also presents an opportunity for moms and even dads to pursue financial freedom through the company’s cash reward program.

The new community of like-minded members is lead by core four couples who are veterans in network marketing. They are Mike and Sahi Hernandez, Russ and Melanie Jones, Mick and Vick Karshner and Stephen and Debbie Longard.

About the Product

Mommy’s Club is focused on offering all-natural and 100% organic premium line products, toxic-free, which encompasses personal care, body health, household and cosmetics. There are also all-in-one bundles that members can opt for to enjoy cheaper prices and huge discounts. All the club’s products are available at the company’s website or through Professional Representatives (Pro Reps).

All products are certified toxic-free, made in the USA, BPA-free and non-GMO. In other words, Mommy’s Club seems to live up with their promise of becoming a ‘revolutionary’ health and wellness company.

Some of the products the company currently offers to their market are:

• lavender shampoo

• daily cleaning foam

• perfect sanitizer

• baby foaming wash

• advance omega 3/6/9

• total body health

• pre-natal plus

• chewy chewable vitamin for children

• rash & remedy skin relief

How to Join the Mommy’s Club Community

There are two ways to join the club. One option is by simply becoming a member to enjoy wholesale pricing on all products while earning 10% profit on purchases of made by your referrals. Memberships costs $14.95 yearly or you can opt to purchase a referral bundle worth $89.95 or $655.20.

Another option to consider is become a Pro Rep for $49.95 yearly or select a bundle. Among the bundles you can choose from include:

• Pro Rep 200CV Power Bundle – $164.50

• Pro Rep 300 CV Power Bundle – $246.25

• Pro Rep All-In Bundle – $277.25

• Pro Rep 1500CV Power Bundle – $1,229.63

• Make-up Bundle – $655.20

All bundles are inclusive of membership and becoming a pro rep allows you to enjoy wholesale pricing on all products, at least 10% profit on purchases made by referrals and the privilege to benefit from Mommy’s Club lucrative compensation plan.

The Compensation Plan

With Mommy’s Club, you can either earn part-time or full-time income as a Pro Rep. All in all, there are nine different ways to earn money with the company. As you sell products and services as well as invite people to become a part of the growing community, you will be paid handsomely through the following commissions and bonuses:

1. Retail Profit

2. Bulk Order Discounts

3. First 10-Day Bonus

4. Star Maker Bonus

5. Team Commissions

6. Advancement Bonuses

7. Trinary Revenue Share Pool

8. Executive Share Pool

9. Executive Check Match

10. Leadership Revenue Share Pool

Financial rewards also increase along with your rank level. When starting at a Pro Rep, the goal is to aim for a minimum total volume of 2,400 CV. Once 10,800 CV is reached, the rank becomes Bronze followed by Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald and finally, Diamond.

Why Mommy’s Club?

Though relatively new in the industry, Mommy’s Club’s leaders are not at all inexperienced with network marketing. As mentioned, the four core couples who stand as pillars of the brand are veterans of direct selling which means the company has a solid standing even if it’s a new player in the market. Since it was launched in January 2014, the company has attracted interested moms and dads who want to create a healthier home for the family.

Further enticing prospects was the pre-launch compensation which was designed to eventually provide part-time or full-time income for the entire family.

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Source by Kim J Willis