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Can you really make a living with multi-level marketing (MLM)? A lot of people turn the other way when they see an advertisement about one of these programs. Have they tried one of these programs before? The answer is most people do not give it even a chance because the opportunity sounds “too good to be true.”

What is multi-level marketing? Well, a simple way of describing it is that it is when a company recruits sales members that are placed underneath them and when these recruits sign recruits up under them, the first company gets paid commission. So basically, they are paid continuously for the work they did earlier by signing that first recruit up. Really, it is not out of this world hard to believe.

There are multiple types of MLM companies and each sell different products and services. Some companies require a lot of direct, face to face sales. This is where you have to market your product, set up an appointment to meet with a potential customer, and then fill out the sale paperwork. This is the old-fashioned way of MLM and is still effective for the right person, especially if this person has a lot of contacts and networking skills.

The current revolution in MLM is the internet. Some companies allow you to completely run a lateral business online. You can start by just telling your friends about what you are selling and show them a website. The key to this type of marketing is to let the marketing tools do the selling for you. The days of sitting in front of someone and telling him or her how good your product is are over. Plus on the internet, there are millions of potential customers. You can run adds all over the internet and get people to check out your product or service and then leave it in their hand.

For someone to consider an MLM opportunity, they must first realize that there is no “walk in the park” way to make money. It simply is not true. Yes, there are some jobs that require less work to be successful, but to think that you can sign up for something and not do anything and make money, it is not going to happen.

In conclusion, there are good MLM opportunities out there. The MLM business just got a bad reputation because there have been some that were rip-offs. They are worth the 5 minutes of your time just so you can either laugh at them or consider them to be a real business opportunity. What if you laughed at the one opportunity that could make you very wealthy for life? You would never know if that was the opportunity of a life time.

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Source by David L Mills