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What do you think you could learn from someone who’s read every book ever published on Network Marketing since 1960? A lot!

Today I’d like to share with you, one by one, the secrets of this industry that will help you become a more educated and prosperous entrepreneur in the Network Marketing industry.

Okay, so you are a Network Marketer right? Or you are looking to become one? Maybe you are an Entrepreneur? In any case, whatever you are here for, you are definitely going to get a lot out of this article in terms of knowledge gained.

Let me start off by addressing some assumptions about you…I apologize for the assumptions, but after working with and training thousands of amazing people in my career in network marketing, I have developed a pretty good idea of what the common thread is that runs through most of us in this incredible industry.

1. There are times when you seriously doubt your abilities in your business

2. You’re not sure how to position yourself as a leader so that others will want to work with you

3. You need more prospects to talk to

4. You don’t have enough money to maintain the business so that you can actually build the business

5. You wish your spouse was more supportive of you and your business

6. You are terrified of being embarrassed and failing

7. Material objects aren’t important; you are more interested in creating a lifestyle for yourself

8. You want significance and contribution more than money

9. Credibility and respect from your peers is very important to you

10. You want to make a difference

11. You want to be completely, 100% financially independent and free

Imagine being able to sell ice to Eskimos, and at a premium price!

That is the goal of mine for writing this article today. To give away some of the greatest lessons, principles and knowledge I have learned on how to become a top leader and top producer in the network marketing industry.

Take this simple information to heart, and you will truly be ready to get to the next level in your business.

So here were are: below are my answers to the 11 obstacles from above.

1st deceptively simple secret: ALL Successful network marketers ‘STEAL’! That’s right. They steal other people’s ideas, trainings, information, resources, tips, even their jokes!

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Originality is concealing your source”. If you haven’t, remember that now! But this should make you realize that anyone – including YOU – can be successful in this industry. Stop questioning yourself, you are MORE than capable.

2nd deceptively simple network marketing secret you need to understand: You are a leader and an expert the moment you DECLARE yourself one. Got it? If you know more about the particular subject than the person you are talking to knows, then you are an expert.

Numbers 3 and 4: “Attraction Marketing” and “The Funded Proposal”. I’ll explain more below.

HINT: Go out and read the book, ‘The Referral Of A Lifetime’ by Tim Templeton.

5th deceptively simple network marketing secret is that you need to incorporate your spouse into your GOAL STATEMENT (Your Why).

Number 6: Educate yourself to avoid embarrassment and failure. You’ve already declared yourself as a leader, so this is the next step. By the way, simply by reading this article you are educating yourself, so congratulations for taking that step as a leader!

7th, 8th,9th and 10th deceptively simple network marketing secrets are that if you want a lifestyle more than things, significance and contribution more than money, respect and credibility, and to make a difference, then you must know what you REALLY want and who you REALLY are. Then, know what your market (prospects) REALLY wants and who they REALLY are.

You need to discover your core identity (WAKE UP) and what your deepest real (core) desires are. This will give you clues to your core identity.

11th deceptively simple network marketing secret is that if you want to make a lot of money and be free in your life, you need to always be learning and growing, and have mentors that have your best interest at heart. You need to align yourself with people who are aligned with the same values you have, and you will become like them.

One more as a bonus

The difference between success and failure is SO fundamentally simple my friend: A successful person simply does what the unsuccessful person did not or was not willing to do.

(By the way, I ‘stole’ that quote!)

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Source by E J Henderson