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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, I’m sure you have probably heard of Tracey Walker. My life and my business have change dramatically after meeting my mentor and friend Tracey Walker. She is a social media queen who teaches network marketers how to successful build an MLM business using the internet.

She grew up in the inner-city of Chicago Illinois and has been married for four years. She graduated from Florida A&M University in 1999 with a MBA concentrated in marketing and went straight into the workforce.

She moved to Atlanta GA and was making a net profit of 60,000 a year. Some things drastically began to change after 9/11 and she was eventually laid off in February of 2002. Tracey Walker and her Father started their real estate business, her husband as well got in the real estate game.

She moved back to Chicago Illinois and things were going great until the housing slump started. This is when she was first introduced to MLM. Unlike most people she went full fledge into her network marketing company doing presentations, 3 way calls, hosting trainings for her team, but she was killing herself. Duplication was something that she struggled with.

So she turned to the internet, learn a few skills, and begged Daegan Smith to mentor her and the rest is history.

Unlike most people she didn’t just buy courses, she implemented the information from the courses and shared what she learned with others. If you have a stingy attitude, you won’t make it far in this industry. Network marketing is about helping others.

Within 3 months under the leadership of Daegan Smith, she was offered a book deal and was featured as a co-author in “The Power of Leadership” series. As she began to implement more and more, she personally sponsored over 70 distributors in her second network marketing company and she was introduced to the #1 attraction marketing system MLM Lead System Pro, and became a top producer of all time in the system.

She coaches and train network marketers from numerous network marketing companies. She is one of the few who became an expert in social media, social marketing, article marketing, and blogging and she generates all of her MLM leads for free.

I highly endorse Tracey Walker and I’ll endorse any products she comes out with. I have work with her personally and her passion for you to succeed is so great. She loves helping other network marketers and you can become an expert network marketer if you follow her advice.

I am on Tracey’s personal team and I also a member in the #1 rated Attraction Marketing System she uses to sign up reps effortless. She is definitely a great person and if you need a coach, definitely check her out.

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Source by Lakisha Copeland