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A unique home based business opportunity came across my path a little over six months ago and has forever changed my life. You see, I struggled with MLM for 4 years. I went to all the meetings, spent thousands on tools, product and conferences. The bottom line was, my downline never duplicated my work ethic and in order to have made any kind of income, I had to move a ridiculous amount of product through my organization.

After 4 years of struggling, I came across a video of Mike Dillard interviewing Aaron Rashkin. For those of you who don’t know Mike Dillard, he revolutionized the Network Marketing Industry with his Magnetic Sponsoring Course. I was exposed in that video to a very unique home based business opportunity. The concept was called GPT (Get Paid Today).

Aaron had been very successful in the   MLM  world, had a downline of over 10,000 people, but his team was not duplicating his work efforts so he never created the  lifestyle  he was really looking for. He has known Mike from a previous company and when Aaron asked Mike what he was doing outside of his company, he turned Aaron on to the GPT concept.

GPT allows you to get paid on the front end of a product sale. It falls into the Top Tier Direct Sales Industry which was very lucrative to the successful marketer. With a line of 3 high end financial education products, the company I joined and the team I joined was totally first class and one of the most unique home based business opportunities I have ever ran across.

What I can tell you is this, I have made more money in the past six months than I made in the 4 years put together in MLM. I don’t talk to friends or family about my business as I market it strictly online. You see, you have a much bigger audience advertising online than anywhere else in the world and if you learn the ins and outs of Internet Marketing, you can take that skill set into any business and dominate.

Partnered with a world premier marketing education company, Wealth Masters International is by far the creme de la creme of compensation companies. This dynamic duo, is taking the internet by storm and creating millionaires out of ordinary people.

My dreams are coming true as we speak and I have learned how to truly make an honest living online.

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Source by Josh Boxer