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When we first start our Network Marking business and were told by our up-line to contact everybody we know regarding our business, One of the first places we look to market our opportunity is our social media sites. And that makes perfect sense. especially because most of our close friends, family (warm market) our already on these sites. But with everything there’s a Right way and a Wrong way to do it.

What most people new to Social Media marketing do.

I see it all the time. All over Facebook, Twitter etc.. New and old Network Marketer’s posting link after link about their MLM company in a spam type way. They inbox everyone on their friends list about their opportunity, product, service etc. They tag uninterested people into photos of money with their company logo on it. just hoping someone with say: Sign me up! But that never happens. So why do Network Marketer’s continue to market in that way? The reason is they don’t know any better. And maybe because everybody else is doing it the same way. I’m guilty of this too when I first started. I swore I was putting in work by sending messages to hundreds of people everyday with my company’s generic website. Well of course most people ignored me. When people did reply back it was only to tell me that I was promoting a pyramid scram, Or they just had something negative to say. So all that work back fired on me. But again there is a Right way and a Wrong way to do Everything.

3 ways to Market your MLM Business using Social Media

1-Show the Lifestyle

I came to find out money doesn’t motivate everybody. We all know how to make money in some form. Taking a second job, doing more overtime etc. But What most people are looking for is a better Lifestyle. Are you showing it in your pictures or post? Take some pics of yourself while having fun and doing your Network Marketing business at the same time.

2-Build Relationships

Become a problem solver. When people message me about magic pills or health shakes I ignore them. That’s not what I’m looking for!!! Stop looking at your social media prospects as dollar signs and start seeing them as people. This is so important because we don’t make money from social media. We make money when someone that know’s like’s or trust us buy a product /service or join’s us in business. If your selling diet pills join a social media group that is about exercising and staying fit or something like that.

3-Be a Leader

“Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned.” – Harold Geneen

Do you come across as someone people would want to follow? Or do you come across as the person at the Bottom of the pyramid promoting the top people in your company as “god’s”? Don’t get me wrong, Its great to share the success of other people. But if that’s all you broadcast and you never show the success that you are having. how does that look? Why would they follow a follower? Always Show the success that you are having, no matter how minimum you think it is.

The Most important thing I hope you get from this Article is: Don’t Spam! Instead build Relationships and your Network Marketing Business will grow. And you might even make some new friends too:)

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Source by Symeon R Brown