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MLM recruiting is necessary if you want to earn the big bucks in the MLM business. Not only is it necessary, but if you focus mainly on retailing product you have a J-O-B, you are not an entrepreneur.

To make big bucks and attain freedom, you must recruit and you must recruit others who do the same. There are some well-meaning people out there who just don’t get it. They speak of MLM recruiting as if it’s the kiss of death and the most immoral thing in the world, when recruiting is the lifeblood of our business.

I’d like to clarify that point just a bit. A company that calls itself MLM or network marketing, who pays only for recruiting, but markets no legitimate products or services is not MLM, it is a pyramid scheme.

There is absolutely no way you are going to find the 1 person out of 100 who is qualified to be in this business, without filtering through the other 99. That’s called MLM prospecting. This process is given a bad name, because of people who are not yet having network marketing success trying to recruit anything with a pulse.

The true professionals in this business know that 5 out of the 100 people who are prospects, on average, will join. Of those 5, we know that maybe one will actually be a producer. That does not frighten us. If that does frighten you, you should not be in this business. You should get over that or be at a J-O-B.

The better you become at MLM prospecting, the more people you will find out of that 100 that have potential. You will be attracting a higher quality of person and you will be better at quickly sorting out the ones who are just not suited to being an entrepreneur in the MLM home business arena.

What happens is that newbies have not yet learned how to create more leads than they have time in their day, and because of this they have not had the experience of learning how to effectively sort the leads they do receive.

MLM recruiting, in this situation becomes “prospect stalking” or “begging”. The would be entrepreneur is in a situation where they are lead poor, or lead starved. They will recruit anyone, and many times those recruits should have never been anything other than a retail customer.

Now I am not putting those new entrepreneurs down. It is part of the process and we have all been there. I could not generate steady leads to save my life when I first started my MLM home business. I didn’t however, go out and beg unqualified people into the business, I focused on increasing my value while improving my habits and my skill set. It is just that people who are starved for success, and have not yet taken all the steps to receive it, are weak in the area of experience.

As a result, they get desperate, and try to sign up anyone that they have not already run out of their life.

What really irritates me is that certain very negative, but well-meaning are bad-mouthing an industry that takes exceptional people, brings them together, and makes these people even better. Lives are absolutely transformed.

For anything else that requires exceptional qualities, habits and commitment, high percentages of failure are accepted. For riding a unicycle, becoming a ballet dancer, being a top producing sales professional, an opera singer, a professional athlete, and many others, it’s accepted that most people fail. For some reason in the MLM industry, where being exceptional is rewarded more handsomely than in any other industry, it’s somehow a sin that most people fail.

I have news for you. Get over it! Life isn’t fair. People who are willing to take responsibility for themselves, their success and their lives are welcome in this industry and can unequivocally transform themselves and their lives.

An average pro athlete has a four year career and achieves a $1 Million per year income. Exceptional athletes do far better. I don’t know the exact numbers, but out of every kid who aspires to be an exceptional pro athlete, very few ever even become an average pro athlete, or even a college athlete. Many NFL players are nearly crippled, and live a life of pain and medical bills as a result of their 4-8 year career.

Compare that to being an exceptional network marketer or direct sales person. Many achieve far greater income than $1 Million per year and are able to work well into their sixties and seventies.

And yet… I don’t hear the same educated people bad mouthing achieving excellence in professional sports as a pipe dream and not worth striving for!

MLM recruiting success starts with being excellent at MLM prospecting.

Remember that you are looking to –

  • Establish whether the contact is open to connecting or collaborating
  • If they are, be warm and quickly build rapport
  • Qualify them for your business
  • Sell the dream, by creating an emotional connection. (Don’t tell and sell, get them to consider how their ideal life and success will feel).

These are all done by being a master of asking questions effectively. The whole point of MLM prospecting is to qualify people for your time. To do this, you don’t try to sign up every one you talk with.

You actually use prospecting (and/or methods of internet MLM lead generation) to sort people. You want to eliminate as many prospects as possible to get to the cream of the crop. Then your MLM recruiting begins.

If you become very good at sorting (or MLM prospecting), you will have great MLM recruiting success and you will spend far less time recruiting, while producing far more results. You must sort through a lot of people to find those who are right for your team, and who will make you both wealthy.

If you are a self-starter, self-motivated and absolutely understand & believe that you deserve to receive it all, there is no better place for you to be in 2010 than in the network marketing industry, with the right company and team.

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Source by Scott Blasczyk