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There is a NEW product on the market that is ramping up its sales force and advertising to be part of the ongoing growth of our health industry. Competing with some well known companies such as Xango, Zrii, Monavie, and Vemma it seems to have something that the others do not. These companies are concentrating their products on only one exotic fruit source. Mandura however has combined four exotic fruits such as the North American Blueberry, Acai berry, Mangosteen, and the Durian from around the world to create a unique supplemental health drink that is beginning to spread like wildfire.

Most MLM marketers know that to have a consumable product is part of what makes this industry grow. To keep people coming back for more is the key to successful MLM marketing. Have you heard of the old saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket?”. This is exactly what Mandura has recognized by taking some of the best antioxidant fruits and combining them into one. The product is completely free of preservatives and uses no pasteurization in the bottling process to help ensure no loss of nutritional value.

To top things off they have made their product even more pleasing to the consumers eye by placing a reasonable dollar amount of $30.00 per bottle on the product. At first glance one would think this expensive but upon a closer look we can see that from a 32oz bottle with 4 fruits instead of one and a requested serving size of 2 tablespoons a day this is the better value.

Not only is their product unique but their MLM Marketing system is unique also. They have created a unique marketing system for their distributors that is easy to understand and creates a large downline in the shortest amount of time. Giving new comers a chance to cash in on thousands of dollars worth of team volume.

Mandura is placing itself in the running to be one of the top dogs in 2010 by offering us an amazing product and MLM plan. They have also ensured their success by using nothing but pharmaceutical manufacturing practices without any fillers such as water or other substances such as the preservative, sodium benzoate.

In conclusion Mandura seems to be the far better choice that many will come to enjoy and join in the upcoming months. In my opinion they are placing themselves in the running to be one of the top dogs of MLM and the health industry in 2010 by ensuring their success with a unique product and unique MLM plan.

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Source by Barbara Pinyan