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Is It Works Global the Real Deal?

With so many MLM companies involved in health and wellness, finding the right company to join is going to be tough. You’ll have to research thoroughly and pit companies against each other. But one factor that’s known to help trim down the choices easily is to check the company’s track record.

When it comes to selling and marketing health, nutritional and weight loss products, It Works Global has sure proven itself solid for over a decade. Even better, the company is set to expand further clearly indicating that there’s still more room for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the network marketing industry.

What is It Works Global?

It Works Global is a direct sales company which specializes in marketing health and wellness products globally. The company was founded way back in 2001 by husband and wife Mark and Cindy Pentecost who started from humble beginnings to becoming founders of a hugely successful MLM company.

To date, the company has thousands of direct selling distributors in Canada, US, Australia and EU. It has created several millionaires and has enjoyed 1,047% growth within a 3-year period. Just last year (2013), It Works Global hit the $450 million mark in sales goal proving that the company’s network marketing program and products really do work.

This 2014, the company is set to finish the construction of its new headquarters which is located in Bradenton, Florida.

About the Product

It Works Global is widely known for its special product known as the Ultimate Body Applicator, a ‘revolutionary’ and innovative body contouring and skin care item that was formulated by Mark Pentecost’s good friend, Luis Mijares.

With his passion and expertise in the health and wellness industry, Luis became the company’s Product Develop Specialist who went on to develop premium supplements in 2005 and more products thereafter. Today, the company offers a range of health, wellness, weight loss, skin care and nutritional products.

Product categories include body, skin, green and lifestyle. Then there’s the array of It Works Global Packs which include the following:

• Wrap Pack – $69

• Ultimate Pack – $279

• Skinny Pack – $112

• IT Pack Berry – $179

• IT Pack Orange – $179

Become an It Works Distributor

To become a distributor for It Works Global, the process couldn’t get any simpler. All you have to do is purchase the distributor kit worth $99 which will also serve as your one time enrollment fee. The kit will include a full package consisting of the following:

• 4 It Works Body Wraps

• Marketing materials

• Blitz promoting cards and handouts

• Your own website

• e-Suite free for 30 days ($20/month afterwards)

Once you become a distributor, you’ll enjoy buying the products at wholesale or discounted prices not to mention that you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the company’s lucrative compensation plan.

The It Works Compensation Plan

To start earning commissions with It Works Global, you’ll need to meet the minimum Bonus Volume within the first 30 days of being a member. You can accomplish this by having at least 400 Personal Bonus Volume for the month or you may opt to process a minimum 80 BV autoship set-up.

During the same time frame, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to earn free products through the distributor rebate credit. When you enroll loyal customers, you’ll be awarded with free products or a rebate of $120.

Aside from commissions from your personal sales and your downline’s sales, It Works Global practically offers unlimited income if you climb the rank levels. As you grow your network, you’ll earn more financial rewards for your hard work in the form of bonuses such as:

• Fast Start Bonus

• Management Bonus

• Generation Bonus

• Diamond Bonus or CAB Bonus

• Leadership Bonus

Naturally, the higher your rank level is, the larger the bonuses that await you.

Does It Works! Really Works?

With over 10 years of success in the industry and thousands of distributors achieving their financial goals with It Works, one can say that the company’s program really does work. Not only does it have a range of unique, useful and innovative products but the company also offers a promising compensation plan where you can eventually create a full time income or even more.

Since starting in 2001, It Works Global has gone through one milestone after another clearly proving that the company is as legit as it can get. It has produced several millionaires and it looks like the company is ready for more. With the promise of what’s ahead, it also looks like a good time to look into the company if you want to set-up your own health and wellness home-based business too.

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Source by Kim J Willis