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Why do we have this desire? Retire young and retire rich is a cultural belief, The United States is called the “Land of Opportunity”. Even as far back as the mid 1800’s it was thought that the street of New York were “paved in gold”. At the turn of the Century “Horatio Alger” stories were popular. More recently, tales of Dot. Com millionaires were in the news. Simply by living in America, you are fed the belief that retire young and retire rich is a worthy and achievable goal. Now, it is also the dream of many, regardless of their country of residence.

Is it still possible to retire young and retire rich? Most know that is not possible to work a “9 to 5” for someone else does and retire with a rich life. Working for someone else supports your lifestyle while you are working, but few have created a stream of income to replace their monthly salary.

Many hunger to retire young and retire rich. Today, it is easy to have millions pass through your bank accounts in your working life. Consider this, earning $4,000 a month will result in earning more than two million dollars throughout your career. And yet, statistics prove that less than 1% of Americans, retire rich. So the answer is not that you have earned 1, 2 or 3 Million in your lifetime, the solution is how to create a monthly income that allows you to continue or expand your lifestyle.

What can you do to tip the odds in your favor? How can you achieve the dream of retire rich and retire young? If you are a Baby Boomer you have already given up on retire young part but is still perusing the retire rich part of the dream.

Reaping the rewards from your direct actions is the answer. MLM organizations are populated by millions who are striving to accomplish their dream. And yet again only a small percentage of the affiliates accomplish the goal of ….retire at any age, just let it be rich.

Why do most fail? They do not have a consistent way to create an endless stream of qualified and interested business participants. After a few months in the business, they have exhausted their personal market and they have no way to bring a stream of business partners to their meetings, teleconferences or web pages.

AT LAST! Using the internet, there is a way to passively attract responsive and responsible potential affiliates. These are the ones that want the dream of retire young and retire rich. Best of all via internet technology your next best affiliate might live in Spokane or Singapore, in Toledo or Tokyo. You now have a global business. Everyday there are over 1 Billion internet users. The missing key is to participate in a system that brings these leaders to you.

How many do you need in your down line to accomplish your goal of retire young and retire rich? MLM history tells us that a core group of 10 trained and motivated achievers can create multiple millions for you. But they too, need to have a way to find their 10 leaders. The internet is the connection point. It functions like the hub of a bicycle wheel, holding all the spokes together. Using the power of 10, it only takes 3 steps of 10 who bring in 10 etc to create 1,000 person downline. In most MLM’s a thousand-person group creates sufficient income to replace that “9 to 5” job and expands exponentially from that solid base.

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Source by Dr Anney Zee