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In 2006, I had been in the Network Marketing industry for about a year or so when I stumbled upon a legendary mentor who happened to be the ‘father of the funded proposal’ The understanding of how this concept works in the marketplace was what really allowed me to have a positive ‘shift’ in the way I operated my business. It allowed me to have a real enterprise and not just be ‘distributor #14287655. Read on…

Concept #1:

Funded Proposal. The funded proposal concept refers to selling a generic informative product to a prospect before exposing that person to your business opportunity. These products usually come in the form of some sort of book or tool that a person appealing to this industry could use regardless of what primary company they chose to worth with.

Like in high school when you get a few books/classes that will help you with whatever other curricular choices you make. It’s useful to all people across the board.

So now as the ‘prospector’ instead of spending money to buy worthless dead beat leads from a lead broker, you can create you own personal lead and essentially make money doing so, and if they don’t join you in your business, they are still a valuable asset to you, and vice versa.

The whole idea is any subsequent advertising you may do is covered by the UP FRONT money you made being a solutions provider on a generic level. You have valuable appeal to a anyone who is struggling…95% of the industry.

Concept #2

The funded proposal works best when whatever medium you use to promote you ‘Proposal’ is customized so that the most important asset your prospect sees is the LEADER that you are and not JUST the product you sell. They must sense that you are a confident leader and that you have whatever solution they need to create the lifestyle and income they want. Now, because you have some thing of real value to offer you prospect, not just your MLM bias, you have the confidence to approach a person with true value without becoming a pitchy, slimy MLM salesperson that we have all come to detest.

The recently published book, You, Inc. does a remarkable job at explaining why it is more important then ever to advertise yourself and your own authentic attributes in what you have to offer a person…on a personal level. Thanks to non-caring, irrational, corrupt corporations people have come to have a severe distrust in anyone trying to ‘sell’ only features and benefits. Today, most people want the ultimate personal touch. So if you can approach a person as a HUMAN BEING, just LIKE THEM with something to make their live/business easier, they will at least lend you an ear and not shut you out.

So Concept Number 2 is all about Branding Yourself and building trust FIRST, before asking for any money.

Concept #3

Automate the Sales Process–And Tie It ALL Together.

Think of it this way…You wouldn’t buy a sandwich with all the toppings and eat it separately..No. They are all parts to a whole, that’s what makes it a sandwich.

So assuming you’re with the trends, you understand that you MUST have a clear online presence. And with all of the wonderful technology we have today, the sales process that makes up the funded proposal, can be 95% automated, working without you there!

Here is how it goes online. You are taken, as a prospect looking to make ‘it work for you’ to a simple website with a video of a nice, professional person who wants to help you AND a form where they collect your name, email, and phone number. Now You cannot get your ‘free gift’, ‘report’ or even to a sales page UNLESS you give that information up. you are now a lead. Now, you will be send emails every few days with valuable information of how to make money online and in MLM. Every email will give you training and offer you a chance to purchase the toold to complete those daily tasks you need to do in order to build your ‘Rolodex’ and eventually sponsor people. Now that you trust that person, after a few weeks of constant communication, he or she offers YOU a chance to work with him or her is their PRIMARY BUSINESS.

DING DING DING!!! Get it now? The trust has been build, your knowledge has been attained, you KNOW what to do daily, and you can either join their company and work together…OR promote your own company on the BACK END.

***Remember: The longer you suspend the sales process, the more a person becomes inclined to spend money with you. Having an AUTOMATED SYSTEM, that anyone can duplicate and customize to attract quality prospects, build solid relationships, and ultimately sponsor new distributors, IS THE WAY all the TOP earners do it today.

Now, understand that within this ‘personalized sales funnel’ you may promote literally anything pertaining to generating leads, driving web traffic, making videos, getting ranked high in Google, building your list…anything that can be seen as valuable to a marketer trying to quit their day job and live a life of freedom working from home.

So the basic formula, once again, goes like this:

1. EXPOSE YOURSELF as a LEADER (they will follow)

2. Provide a solution to the ONLY 2 reasons people fail in MLM: lack of LEADS and not enough $$ fast enough

3. FOLLOW UP with everyone, all the time (you can do this automatically with certain tools)

4. TEACH them Step-by-Bloody-Step what to do on a daily, consistent basis

5. Ask for the sale! If you want to sell a shovel, make sure there’s a gold rush coming!;) If you want them to join your PRIMARY business, ask them. They might say no, but some will gladly say YES!

6. Make darn sure your company is SOLID and poised for massive growth…Don’t settle for flimsy comp plans and do not fall into the ‘Start Up’ hype trap.

You only have a few chances in life to make (or break) your long term reputation. What good is generically building trust just to have a brand name go bankrupt, and make you, the Leader, look bad? So find a TEAM who knows what they are doing, has experienced track records, people CONSTANTLY ‘coming up’ in the world, and who work together to help the team as a whole.

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Source by Brian Nussbaum