Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Search engine traffic is the life blood of Internet business. 95% of people on line have preformed a online search, which is an estimated 61 billion searches a year. 31 billion of the searches were through Google alone.(comScore, 2007) If you are, or are planning to make money online with an Internet business, you must get placement in the search engines, particularly Google, Yahoo, MSN, eBay, AOL and Ask to name the big ones, but there are several other high class search engines out there. Internet marketing protocol says that there is no money past the third page of a prospective customer search result, but of course you will want to aim for that top 3 on the first page, to capitalize on the wealth potential of your product and web site.

Each engine rates and ranks differently, but most agree with Google and look quite strongly at “backlinks”. This is when another web site hyperlinks or “links” to your web site. The more credible or the higher the page rank of the linking site the better the reference. This raises your page rank and placement, resulting in more targeted search engine traffic finding your product. There are several ways to create backlinks such as; submitting to directories, link exchanges, buying links, blogging, online classifieds etc.

One of the best free ways to gain one-way backlinks is to submit articles to article directories. Most article directories allow live links in a resource box. Your market is looking for information on your product and it’s benefits, so a well written article with a live link to your sales page or website provides excellent free advertising. Then when the search engines index your article, you gain credit for a link. A lot of Ezine publishers and webmasters look trough article directories for relevant content and if they republish your article the link stays live and provides yet another link to your site. One article can produce hundreds of backlinks, creating higher search engine ranking for your site virally and freely.

Feel free to use the search engines yourself to find article ideas, article directories or even tips on writing money making articles. The Internet fosters creativity and good information. Using the Web to its full potential, including submitting articles to article directories, is extremely beneficial to your Internet business and your success.

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Source by Terry Tiessen