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So many people join a MLM business just to drop out two months later. Most people never realize what MLM is all about. The MLM industry is about a vision. It’s about sharing the vision and dream of working from home while making an unlimited income.

Most people have jobs where they earn an average income and live an average lifestyle. For some people, that kind of lifestyle is a choice. For others, they hate it and want more. A lot of people are happy with the security that a job provides. It means they know exactly how much money is coming in each month.

A lot of people would rather have that security, rather than the hope of big bucks. It’s just how people are. They join MLM businesses, they make no money for two months and right before they break through, they exit.

The MLM industry offers the opportunity to make an unlimited income. You have unlimited earning potential and the ability to work your own hours. For most, it’s the ideal job. If you can even call it a job. The MLM industry is all about leadership and duplication.

Most people work their entire Network Marketing career trying to sponsor people into their downline when the real money isn’t in MLM sponsoring. The real money, the big bucks is in duplication. Every compensation plan in MLM has multiple levels. This means that when your direct referrals sponsor people, you make money.

No other industry provides that kind of leverage, it’s like have hundreds of people work for you when you have them in your down line. Most people try to sponsor hundreds of people when the truth is; you only need to sponsor ten. Then you need to teach those ten how to sponsor ten and you need to teach them how to teach their ten to sponsor another ten. Do that through all the levels of your company’s compensation plan and you will be rich!

That is what makes the MLM industry so special. There are companies in every different industry, whether its health, wealth, self development, cosmetics or whatever, there is a MLM company for everyone. Another thing that makes it so special is that you can start a MLM business for less than $100. So, the MLM business is about sharing the vision of being wealthy with others. What more could you want?

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Source by David M. Wood