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Think about it. When you work in a traditional MLM business, using traditional methods you are essentially just a 1099 being paid referral commissions for bringing your parent company commissions. 

You don’t really own anything other than your brand, and that brand should be the brand of YOU. Think about this for a minute. Do you own the product(s), or the downline, or the marketing pieces? 

You sure don’t. The MLM Company you are with owns all of it! You are building up their customer base, and their list of contacts that they can market anything to at anytime even if the current company is to go out of business overnight. 

What do you mean they can market to my downline even if they go out of business and I am left without a check to support the lifestyle I’ve worked so hard for?  

The simple fact is you own nothing and have no rights or long term security. Whether it be that the company “disappears” overnight, or you get terminated for violating company policy and they terminate your position. Yes unfortunately both of these things do happen. 

There is a solution to help protect you and your hard earned lifestyle from this when you learn how to build your MLM Business branding yourself and again building that list and cultivating a relationship with it as discussed in Part 1 of this series. 

You wonder how does that apply here? Well as mentioned you will build your list and this will be your distribution channel. Then second when you build a relationship with your list, this is what will become your business. 

You will own this list and business out right and you will have the right and ability to market to this list whenever and with whatever you like. Unlike your downline in your MLM this list is yours to take with you where ever you go, regardless of possible termination or companies going out of business. 

By using this advantage you will be able to protect yourself from one of the major downsides of building a traditional MLM in a traditional manner. You will still be able to enjoy the rewarding income you can create for yourself but you will also be adding an additional stream of income to your business as you build your list (I will get into the how of this in a future article). And you will be building something that you do own, that can’t be taken away from you. 

Now keep in mind that it isn’t always the person with the biggest list who wins, but often the one who has the best relationship with their list, and this is the corner stone to how much your business will be worth. 

Lastly if you are thinking, “Well all of this is fine and dandy but my company won’t let me market other products if I am active with them. And even if they did they don’t’ support or teach any of this stuff!” You are probably wondering is there even a company out there that does support this and allow for multiple streams of income.  

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Source by Jason Liptak