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MLM motivation is important if you’re struggling in a network marketing opportunity and faced with constant obstacles. When you don’t have a plan to motivate yourself, it’s easy to become affected by rejections. Motivation is especially important with network marketing, as you will need to motivate your downline as well as yourself. And, with a 98% of quitters in the market, keeping yourself motivated becomes a crucial element to success. You might consider a few pointers that I’ve outlined below.

MLM Motivation Tip #1: You can’t keep doing what you don’t like. You’ve got to find a way to keep yourself motivated in a way that you find enjoyable. Maybe you love helping people and get extremely excited about the concept, but thought of cold calling 100 strangers just sucks the guts out of you. There is thousands of way to get leads and build a business these days. You have to find what works for you. When following the instructions of others, you will probably be able to do it for a short time if you have a strong vision, but then you’ll stop doing it. Even though you’ve got this vision, you won’t keep doing it if you don’t like it. It’s just human nature. Here’s what you need to remember to build your business: What can you do all day and night and it never grow old? When you’re doing it, you get in this zone where the world around you disappears. If you can build a business like that, you are going to be rich.

MLM Motivational Tip #2: You’ve got to know what you want. The law of attraction can work in positive ways to keep you motivated and strong in your business, but you must be determined in what you want to accomplish. All you’ve got to do is figure out a system that works for you where you can bring in new people, sell more products, keep people around, and help your new people have success. Find what part of network marketing really turns you on and run with it. There are lots of ways to generate leads. The old fashioned way only included cold calling, chasing down people in malls and public places, and talking to your friends and family. Now you can find leads online with pay per click, you can place newspaper ads, you can send out postcards, magazine ads, pass out fliers, there’s voice broadcasting, article marketing, there’s Facebook pay per click, banner advertising, or just having conversations with people on Facebook. But you have to do what works for you, and you have to know what you don’t want to do. And the reason why is because if you don’t like it, you won’t be persistent with it. And persistence is mandatory in this business.

MLM Motivational Tip #3: Set you goals for who you want to be. You can be whoever you want to be. You write your own life.

Picture yourself ten years from now living the life you want to live. Where are you living? Your picture should see yourself living the lifestyle you really want. Now close your eyes and imagine it. Feel the feelings of gratitude and empowerment you are enjoying in this lifestyle. Keep that vision in your mind at all times and promise yourself you will never loose track of this vision.

Visualizing something that you feel you don’t have is not a good goal. It’s important to believe and feel your success. Here’s a little assignment to help keep the image in your mind:

You want to put yourself in the picture, see the sites around you, feel the feelings around you, take a deep breath of relief and write down, “I’ve just sponsored my sixth person a the top package and I’ve finally made it to the top level of my multilevel business. Feel the feeling of celebration, and if you write down your goals like that, you’re just more likely to accomplish them than any other way than you can possibly set them. And you’ll start to look for the resources in your world. Now here’s what else you do, you write, “Now that I’ve done it, I can’t believe how easy it was to accomplish, this is exactly what I did”. Now make a list of 1-50 things you did to reach your goal. Make a list of these things, keeping in mind that it’s not what you’re going to do to reach your goal, but what you’ve already done reach your goal. You could write down, “I have a computer, good supportive friends, a supportive spouse, good financial resources, an incredible ability to create things”, or you could write down, “I love to teach”, or “I love network marketing”. You could say, “I’ve got a great product to sell”, or “I’ve got a great company to be a part of”, “I’ve got a great leadership team, a great mentor”, everything you have as a resource, write it down. Feel the gratitude for these resources.

In the process of writing down the things that you don’t have yet, you will start to look for them in your world and in looking for them you’ll find them. That’s the secret, the law of attraction. Remember to stay positive with all your thoughts, and don’t allow thoughts of doubt butt their way into your mind, because negative thoughts will create negative feelings and that can bring failure. It’s important to keep a positive outlook as much as possible for true success.

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Source by Nancy Harnell