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Less than a year after bringing its Nutrilite Power of 5 Campaign to El Salvador, Amway is providing critical nourishment to hundreds of children in the country.

The campaign to raise awareness of global malnutrition, and in particular the need for proper nutrition in the first five years of life, is one of Amway’s largest corporate social responsibility initiatives. It supports funding and distribution of Nutrilite Little Bits, a daily micronutrient supplement containing 15 essential vitamins and nutrients.

Around the world, Amway often partners with established local organizations to distribute Nutrilite Little Bits to those who need it most. In El Salvador, the company has teamed up with the Gloria de Kriete Foundation (GKF), which provides complementary education and health services in impoverished communities across the region.

“As we were looking to launch the Nutrilite Power of 5 Campaign here, we looked for a strong local partner, one that had a solid reputation and was well known in the community. GKF had just that!” said Cameron Juarez, Marketing Manager for Amway Central America.

Amway launched the initiative in El Salvador last October, and the company’s participation has helped to fill a gap in the services available through GKF. “The concept of a private company joining forces with an established social organization that has experience working with the mother-child duo, further consolidates the overall process in the fight against poverty,” said Celina de Kriete, the foundation’s Executive Director.

At this time, Amway’s strategic partnership in the country is supplying critical daily nourishment to more than 700 children, including 1-year-old Axel, who weighed in at just 19 pounds when he entered the program six months ago. The company reports that today Axel is a happier and more active child, and at 24 pounds is no longer showing symptoms of malnourishment or anemia.

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