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I desperately was looking for a business to conduct in my home after being a stay at home mom for 12 years. I was not getting any call backs on my resume in this tough economy. I have my 4 year degree in History of Art, and I have a successful sales background too. I was looking for a business that would tap into my creativity and love of research. The hunt for a business did not come easy. In fact after a few failed ventures in MLM’s and Health Insurance I learned about virtual author assisting. The key was to never give up. I always knew something was out there for me, especially in this virtual age. So, I thought to get what I want, I will have to do it myself even if that means starting my own business.

There is a lot of junk being offered, a lot of get rich scams and MLM’s. My advice is to remain calm in this virtual storm and focus, focus, focus on your strengths. Also do inventories of what your strong skills are and how you can make that into a business? By taking on a business at home you will feel spasms of uncertainty and self-doubt. I actually went to Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter and found other professionals like me. This helped my self-confidence and I gained a tremendous amount of business advice which I still use today. I think by joining like-minded groups and individuals can help with your direction and self-confidence.

I decided to upgrade my present skillset and I took a certification course as an author assistant. My certification program helped me set up my business. At first I just did all the free stuff until I made money. But it is extremely important to be in a program that will help you set up your business at no charge.

By joining these groups and offering helpful advice aides in my personal marketing. I actually have had people come to me for guidance. I have been most successful on LinkedIn connecting with similar people. I get more business from people who follow me and interact with me by establishing an element of trust

I don’t think blogs are considered social media, but I have connected with bloggers in my niche. Again what is important is showing how I am the expert. I have had a person come to me with questions that turned into business. Finally, on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook I like to occasionally send out surveys on my business to better improve customer service. I get recognized for this and it turns into business.

This career is wonderful. I started with nothing; I do all my advertising through local Meetup groups, social media and blogs. All I needed was a certification in this field so I could show my prospective clients that I was an expert in assisting authors. I am a Certified Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant. I assist non-fiction authors in the collaboration of book assembly such as Fact Checking, Permissions, Book Marketing, and more. Additionally author’s assistants have been around for well over 100 years. So, it is nice that a busy author can work with a part time assistant on mundane tasks or even market the book. You can find me at and there is even a link to get certified as an author’s assistant on my web site.

The added bonus of owning your business is that I am an example to my children and the lesson of solving problems and moving forward instead of giving up.

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Source by Mary Babic