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If you try to sell in your MLM Business, you will fail or not getting good results.

When you join a MLM Business Opportunity, who do you see yourself as? Sales promoter? Sales man? Sales girl? If you are putting yourself as a Sales Person, this business will be a difficult business for you. The truth is, even the best sales person will not be able to be successful in MLM Business. Why? Simply because this business model is not about selling.

Maybe you have heard that…Yea, it is a sharing story kind of business. Come, let’s take a look at the reality. If it is so easy, then a lot of people will be a millionaire by now.

I always think of ways to sell to people especially my colleagues, my friends, family members and they will be my first target

I know. This is really bad. When we try to share something to them, deep down in our heart is to wanting to get them to buy the products or joining our business opportunity. I’m sure all newbie in this industry will have this kind of experience. Why? Again, we are not getting proper education of what to do when we get started in this business. What we know is, we have a product and we need to move the products in order to make money. But let’s face the truth. We are not born sales person. Selling skills is something that we need to develop within ourselves. This is one of the reason why many people get involved in MLM Business and the failure rate is 95%.

There is REALLY a better way to do this business and you don’t need to fail

I have gone through trial and error till I managed to find the key to closing rate of new customers. The results that I got is so consistent that I have 1-3 new sign up every single month, with 1-3 leads every single day. Then, I told myself…Hey, what I am doing right now works, why don’t I just increase the number of leads that I have every day. And yes, when I increased my leads to 5-10 leads a day, in a month I can close 6-10 new retail customers in a month.

I knew that I got to be different from others

When I got started in Herbalife MLM Business, with such a reputable company with so my Herbalife independent distributors out there selling the same kind of products, I kept thinking to myself what could be a better way for me to be different from the rest of them. What can make me stands out and let people wanting to buy from me and not others. And this is when the idea of positioning myself as a consultant came in.

When I started positioning myself as a consultant…

The results is so magical. People started coming to me asking me what is my secrets in losing weight, how do I maintain my weight, what is the best way to get best results from using the products…When there is consistent number of people that coming to me asking me questions like that means my marketing works and selling comes by itself…

I mainly focus on marketing myself on how to help people to lose weight, maintain and keeping it off forever. I will ask prospects questions to dig out their problem, their current eating lifestyle and the reason they gain weight for me to do a quick and detailed analysis. I will then explain to them what they are currently doing that makes them gain weight, and if they want to solve that problem, I will then list out all the things that they need to change in order for them to get the results that they wanted.

When I position myself as consultant, people will give me respects. People are giving me respect is because I am knowledgeable in what doing. People don’t buy products, they buy solutions. Solutions to their weight and body shape problem.

Stop selling in your MLM Business and start positioning yourself as expert. When you are different from your competitors people will want to buy from you without you asking them to do so.

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Source by Stella CS Chua