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If you don’t know exactly what network marketing is, you won’t understand the benefits of   MLM , or multi-level marketing. It is also called network marketing, which is a unique system used to channel goods or services from a manufacturer to a consumer using a network of home based Independent Reps. It is actually utilizing a referral system which is something you do every day without even realizing it! You may or may not remember how we were taught that the manufacturer sells to the salesman, then the salesman sells to the store and the store sells to the consumer. In  MLM , take out the salesman and the store and you have gotten rid of the middleman and replaced yourself! Now you can market these products through your own network of friends, families and customers. Instead of the profits being distributed to the middle man and store, it is distributed to you and those you bring into the business as distributors. When it comes to a home based business using the network marketing model, how does that benefit you? It is an opportunity for you to determine your own path to success. If you want to earn extra income each month or build a larger than life business, by joining a company that uses  MLM  will help you to develop a  lifestyle  that suits your needs and wants in life. Do you want more out of life than you are presently getting? You may want to research  MLM  companies and see what is right for you. Network marketing is big business with success in the USA and Canada alike. Globally, network marketing’s annual industry is over $100 billion dollars! There is room for you if you are willing to consider it and want to include in your business style. How can  MLM  benefit you?

  • You can be your own boss!
  • Get your own discounts on products you love and will use!
  • Refer the things you love to others and make money from it!
  • Excellent part time or full time income that can explode into a BIG business for you!
  • Control over your own life!
  • Teach others to become financially independent!
  • Flexibility to follow your own path!

Do you see the benefits of why a Business at home will use network marketing as a smart business model? Anyone can start a home business using Network Marketing. Try to find a product you will use and can tell others how much you love it and it will be very easy for you to build a business so large that no one can take away if that’s what you want to build.

Can you think of some companies that use Network marketing as their business model? Do you remember the Fuller Brush man from years ago who used to come knocking on your parents door, selling brooms and cleaning products? He would bring a bunch of items that you could purchase right to your door at home and you could buy them directly from him. That is called Direct Sales. Instead of spending big dollars advertising, which could cost them millions of dollars each year, they have Independent Salespeople go “door to door” if you will, to sell their products.

Selling directly offers consumers a product that is brought right to them, that you can’t find in a “store” and the customer service is usually very good. Think about it, have you ever bought something form a direct sales company? Have you ever been to a Mary Kay Party and bought some of their make up, or a Tupperware or Discovery Toy party? You work directly with the Distributor and he/she will sell you something that you usually can’t find anywhere else.

So, understanding how direct sales, or Network Marketing works, should be a big factor in using it as a business model for yourself.

Why wouldn’t you use it as your own business model?

The pros of MLMs are high. You get a distinct product that your customers can’t find anywhere else. You have control over what you sell and how much you sell and that means you decide how fast or slow your business becomes successful.

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Source by Terri Marie Lorah