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Is network marketing a scam? I am asked that question almost everyday. Most of the time it is linked back to the common pyramid scheme objection. This comment is often related to the companies that promise huge incomes with little effort. Success in anything you do will not be accomplished unless you work hard to achieve it. I heard someone say in a recent conference call that the main word in network is work. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, then this is not the industry for you.

One of the issues that comes up with new distributors is that they feel as though they are not making the large incomes that are made in the Multi Level Marketing (  MLM ) industry fast enough. When they don’t get these results, they blame the industry and quit. What they were not told was that you will have to learn the network marketing industry to be successful in it.

We made it a point to train new recruits when we started our home business. A good network marketing company will have a system in place that can be easily duplicated. These systems keep each new representative from having to reinvent the wheel.

One of my favorite parts of the network marketing industry is the personal growth aspect that comes with being a successful person. If I were to quit my business today and walk away it would have been a success based on how I have grown on a personal level. The network marketing industry has helped our family because of the motivated, passionate, and truly helpful people we have met. That is true for the most of the  MLM  industry.

So, is network marketing a scam? No. It is a growing industry that has great people within it. People that are willing to help others and people that have a drive to succeed. That is why we want to teach others a system that cuts down on the learning time for our business partners and motivates them to become successful.

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Source by Stephen Ipock