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One of Henry Ford’s favorite sayings was, “Thinking is the hardest work there is. That’s why so few people engage in it.”

Having been around the online  MLM  block a few times, I’d have to say that I agree. The  MLM  business is one that’s centered on duplication and finding “people like you.” At the same time, I have also discovered that if you really want to succeed in  MLM , online or offline, you have to do some real thinking.

Why You Have to Think to Succeed in  MLM 

It might seem odd that one has do a lot of thinking to succeed in  MLM , given that the business comes complete with a company that handles everything but the marketing, and a sponsor to help you every step of the way. It’s true that an  MLM  business comes with a lot of benefits to help jump start your small business efforts.

The reason that thinking is such a key ingredient to success in  MLM  is that, while the business is duplicatable, people are not the same. You and I are not the same. You are not the same as your sponsor. And as much as I’d love to be the same as my online heroes, I’m not exactly the same as them either.

Questions I Ask Myself About My Online  MLM  Business

For me to succeed in my  MLM  business, I have think. I have to ask myself some questions about how I want to market my business. I have to figure out how to personalize my business, while at the same time remaining coachable.

For instance, in terms of my online  MLM  marketing plan, I might ask myself questions like:

– What seems to be working for other people?

– Do I want to pursue any of those methods?

– How frequently do those people use those methods (i.e., post to their blog, etc.)?

– Does my lifestyle allow me to match that frequency or do I need to set my sights lower at the beginning?

– How much corporate training does my upline sponsor participate in?

– Do I want to do the same?

– What kind of training outside of the company is being offered?

– Do I want to participate in any of it?

– Do I want to join affiliate programs to “monetize” my online offerings? If so, which ones?

– When I get stuck, who do I turn to first for answers?

– What unique online voice suits me best?

A Plan and a Time Line

Once I answer all of the above questions, and more, I then make a plan. I decide how often I want to blog, promote via article marketing, participate in social media, and so forth. I also have to figure out how long I want to try out this plan. At what point will I pause and take score? At what point will I stop and see what parts of my plan need to be tweaked? At what point will I decide that I need to jump ship? Robert Kiyosaki gives himself five years to succeed in any new endeavor. Do I have the patience to stick it out that long?

These are the questions I ask myself when I “think” about how to personalize my online  MLM  business. Have you asked yourself these kinds of questions about your  MLM  business? Have you asked your people these questions?

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Source by Stephanie Valentine