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“What separates the successful from the failures?” Almost any motivational or training book, audio or speaker will touch on this question. Often the answer is attitude. Your attitude determines your altitude and all that. Sometimes it’s taking action. Sometimes it’s faith. Sometimes it’s luck, but personally I don’t listen to those guys.

That’s partially true, but it’s not ALL of it. There are many factors that differentiate the successful from the failures in life. However, I would guess that for almost anything you can name as THE factor, I could find two or more people that were identical in that factor and got different results.

So, is there one thing that is a difference?

It’s not talent, education, luck, attitude, faith or where you start.

It’s the difference between CAN and WILL. People who only CAN succeed, don’t. People who WILL succeed, do.

Let me explain. Some people start from the gutter achieve wild and massive success and people starting in mansions achieving the gutter. Therefore, ANYONE can achieve success (or failure) in life.

If anyone CAN achieve success, why don’t most of them?

The magic question! Anyone CAN achieve success, but the question is WILL they?

WILL they? Do they have the will? The inner strength? The grace to endure hardships without giving up?

This WILL to do it isn’t the same as attitude and all those other things. They’re part of what makes up the WILL. I’m not talking about your personal will. Your personal will is just deciding to do something. We do that all the time. I decided to write this article. That was me exercising my will.

The WILL is about making some destination your life’s purpose. You have to live for that destination and love it. What about family and other things important to you? Excellent question!

It’s true that submitting to certain destinations have the possibility of destroying your personal life in so many ways. Look at professional athletes who get a lot of money for the first time in their lives. Many of them succumb to drugs, sex and an out of control lifestyle.

Why? Because the destination they submitted themselves too was Success at ALL Costs. And when you do that, success does cost you all you have in many cases.

By submitting yourself, you’re opening up the freedom to act to get there. It’s a paradox, but a true one. Submission leads to freedom. That’s true in a lot of areas. Marriage, faith, relationships, everything. Open yourself to the possibilities and probability of success in these areas. You work toward that destination and ONLY that destination.

Anybody CAN do something, but WILL they? And by that I mean WILL they totally submit to their destination (once defined as outlined last time)? And is it a balanced one? Does it include all areas of your life? Friends, family, faith, work, hobbies/fun stuff, etc. etc.?

So CAN you succeed or WILL you succeed?

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Source by W Timothy Johnson