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I guarantee that everyone’s’ closets are full of fear. The main course meal that stops everyone from properly digesting the next move to speak to someone, writing that song you get intuitively, fighting real feelings for same sex, afraid to wear that dress in daylight etc. Many of those things we are frightened of which are due to putting other people feelings in front our own. What! What did I just say? Yes we tend to put other people feelings in front of our own. So many others cannot make peace with who we are. Making our creative selves of who we really are to be a hard challenge. This should not be. Since it challenges we let others make us do the things as follow: find ways of what they would think, what they will say and how they will react to what we do, what we wear and how we smell.

One client of mine was going through sexuality crisis. He love men and same sex lifestyle was a hard battle to conquer. He placed his religious fate, parents, siblings and friends in front of him. His life was put on the shelf for others. When I met up with him I felt his energy. It was low on the peak poll. His sexuality had held him back for forty years. Like they say, “What’s in the dark comes to the light. ” When the time comes peace shall reign. You would be free and not have a care of what others feel towards you.

Life comes to becomes smooth sailing. He mentions that his everyone notices the change in him and how his life begun taking shift after our sessions.” When I talk to him he explained that he never progress with his dreams for a long time. He saw himself with a mate, with a family life with other goals. He blamed himself for those years of letting others in his space. I explained to him that everything takes stages. Now he should start reaping the benefits by him coming to terms of whom and what he is now. He took the torch and took back his life. The weight is over!

It is shame that we are so far stuck on others feelings and we can’t make decisions of our own. Then we find alternate means by praying to God to give us an escape route. God can give us what we want however it won’t be on our time line. Either way we tend to receive our prayers once we still have to admit to ourselves we are only fooling ourselves.

The fear of being humiliated can be very scary and embarrassing. If this the case can we all practice before we leave our homes of what we should do so we can be comfortable in our own skin. It will definitely help build up a better mental psyche. To be honest, “Who gives a care?” Think on these things if you do go out with that pretty red dress and with the self confidence, people will talk. That is human nature to talk of the obvious. I guarantee that you will have prep rally of followers walking in your footsteps. In the word they say few are chosen. I take that word as confidence. God will have men walk the earth with no fear of what men think about them. His spirit will dwell within them to be brave. As long as they believe that it was him that made them to be the warriors in the field.

True men and women we read about that inspire our lives such as Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, etc. If they did not take hold of that dream that they were promise to fulfill then their purpose would not be fulfill. Fear was not relevant and purpose was driven. Fears are unreal. All fears are thoughts that are routed in insecurity of living. Fear is one of the living truths that many of us fight to through away in our closets.

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Source by Milton Jackson