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I attended T Harv Eker’s “Millionaire Mind Intensive” recently in Toronto for the 2nd time. Each time I attend I gain new insight, and am aware of how much I have grown over the past year. I would consider this event one of the most life affecting 3 days spent. It is a gift. Okay, enough about the praising the program, considering you can go for free just with the price of his book. Yes, you are marketed to during the 3 days and still the event is so worthwhile I met people who had attended the event 5 or 6 times. Why so many times? I believe each time you gain new perspective; as you change you draw new information from the experience.

The best way to gain the freedom and lifestyle you desire is to emulate and duplicate someone who achieving the success you would like to match. For me, one of the people that I admire is Bob Proctor, a successful life coach and proponent of the Law of Attraction. Bob is also one of the core stars of the movie “The Secret”, his wisdom took prominence and the movie has taken the world by storm. By following the principles of The Secret, average everyday people have achieved success beyond their wildest dreams and have, themselves, become evangelists of the Law of Attraction. Bob Proctor teaches that each and every one of us is born rich and that we just need to harness the power within to achieve abundance and acquire everything we desire in life. So start gaining financial success with your home business today!

My business opportunity focuses on gaining empowerment through personal development. If you look at financially successful people, they all have common attributes that helped them achieve their success. Secrets of a Millionaire Mind shines the light on most of these attributes by providing contrast in how the poor think versus the rich. The way to become wealthy is to develop the same thought processes of wealthy people; they see opportunity in almost every interaction they have. They are able to see opportunity that the majority of us miss and those opportunities are available every day. As you embody the teachings in the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, you will be surprised at the opportunities that seem to pop up out of nowhere. The thing is, those opportunities have always been available to you. Only by gaining empowerment are you able to recognize them now. Start your own personal wealth development strategy today.

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Source by Tamara Rogers