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You’ve seen the hype, on television, on the internet, in magazines about multi level marketing (MLM) and thought to yourself, “Wow, I could do that!” You may even get excited and want to jump in on the next great sounding opportunity. But before you start grabbing for what you think looks like a shooting star, take a closer look and get the facts.

While many opportunities are legitimate (even though with many you won’t become a millionaire – and certainly not overnight) there are some that are outright scams. Before you take the plunge, take a moment to wade in the kiddie pool and get a little more education on how the system works.

What is MLM?

Multi level marketing is just a form of sales, a method of moving a product from the manufacturer to the consumer. The method by which this is accomplished is what makes it somewhat unique. It is multilevel so that means there are actually several layers of sales people. What level two sells, level one gets a share of. What level three sells, levels one and two get a share.

So, to break it down, someone recruited you and you start working with a company. When you sell the product, a commission goes to you and a commission goes to the person who recruited you.

How Do I Make Money?

The main way to make money with MLM is through sales. But the other way (and some people use this as their primary money making method) is through recruiting other people to make the sales for you. In most MLM companies, if you recruit people and they make sales, you get a percentage of everything that they sell. Now, of course, if you are selling and recruiting, you stand to make even more money. The choice is up to you. If you aren’t so great at sales, you may opt to strictly recruit.

How do I Find a Good Opportunity?

There are many good opportunities out there if you know where to look. There are several sites that have multi level marketing opportunities organized in listings or directories. Review the opportunity and find a few that look like they would be a good fit for you. Then run a Google search on the company and read what comes back. If there is a lot of controversy or problems, then you probably want to steer clear of that company. You can also go to the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website and see what grade the BBB has given them.

Do I Have What it Takes to Succeed?

If you are motivated, driven, responsible and disciplined, then you can probably make it in a home based business. Can you sit down to work and stick with it without a supervisor watching over you? Can you work independently? Can you make yourself stick to your work and focus, or are you prone to slipping and spending a good chunk of your day playing the latest online game or chatting on Facebook?

These are things that you must consider. Before you lay down the first dollar in investment money for your own home based multi level marketing business, fully assess your aptitude for working on your own. If you feel that you can handle, then go for it.

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Source by Christopher Mukubonda