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Photo: Robert Sinnott, USANA’s new Chief Scientific Officer.

Nutrition and personal-care products maker USANA Health Sciences has appointed Rob Sinnott, Ph.D., a veteran of the nutritional supplement industry, as its new Chief Scientific Officer.

The news comes as USANA is gearing up for 2016 International Convention, its annual salesforce meeting, which will kick off Wednesday in Salt Lake City. According to company officials, ongoing research efforts will be front and center during the event as the Utah company shares its latest scientific breakthrough with independent Associates.

Sinnott is coming on board to grow the research and development team and drive product innovation to the next level, said USANA Co-CEO Dave Wentz. “Rob gained our attention because of his exceptional leadership and experience in our industry.”

The company’s new Chief Scientific Officer brings 25 years of scientific experience, including more than 18 years in the nutritional supplement space. In undergraduate and post-graduate studies at Arizona State University, Sinnott’s focus was on applied sciences, including biotechnology and plant medicinal chemistry. He holds five patents issued in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore.

“USANA has a long-standing reputation in the industry for producing premium quality health products that improve lives,” Sinnott said in the company’s release. “I look forward to building on that legacy and leading this world-class R&D team into the future.

The latest innovation to come out of USANA’s research and development lab is MySmart Foods, the brand’s first-ever food product line. MySmart Foods protein shakes and bars allows customers to combine flavors and ingredients that fit their tastes and wellness goals, in alignment with the company’s growing “personalization” strategy.

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