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Network Marketing has a strange way of getting inside of you, doesn’t it? I mean, the dreams you had when you were growing up were just about snuffed out, and along comes some guy in network marketing, and he tells you that you don’t have to live like this. He shakes the dirt off your dreams and you start to remember… You look at your job. If you keep doing what you’re doing, then what kind of life do you have to look forward to? Would it make a difference if you took on a second or third job – put some money away. Would that be enough?

Then, someone’s talking about beach money and multiple streams of income – residual income. If you work hard for 3-5 years, then you will never have to work again! That sounds a lot better than working for 40 years, but is it true? The next two questions come into your head “Can I do it?” and “Is it worth it?” And the answer is – It depends. It depends on you. Only you know how hard you will work. Only you know if you are capable and willing to learn the communication skills so critical in building a relationship business. Only you know how you will handle the rejection, deception, apathy, and attrition in your business. Only you know if you are willing to keep your customers and business partners’ needs in front of your own.

1. What’s Your Story?

Once we get bitten by the network marketing bug, it’s impossible to get it completely out of your system. My bug lay dormant for over twenty years. Now, I can’t get it out of my head. I had what I considered to be a successful career as a small business executive, with decent pay and a flexible schedule. I was comfortable working with systems and things that I believed I had control over. Now, I’m being challenged to step out of my comfort zone and learning communication and people skills.

What is it about network marketing that draws us in? Is it working with a company with integrity that has a vision of a better world? Or is it about developing your full potential – personally and spiritually? Or is it really about the money? And the lifestyle? Will your current job and career afford you the life that you promised yourself and your family? Which path do you choose? And why? What’s your story?

2. Enough’s Enough

I believe that most of us live lives of quiet desperation. We go through life feeling trapped and are unsure how to get out. We are filled with hopes and desires, and we are always looking for something to better our existence. But, we have been tricked many times before. How do we know that this time will be different? There are always plenty of others to blame for our past failures. Our lives are filled with ‘what ifs’ and ‘I should haves’. But this really isn’t about the past. It’s about the present and the future. Regardless of what ‘it’ is, ‘it’ won’t work if you just give it another ‘try’.

Eric Worre gives the example of too many people treating their network marketing business like an  MLM  lottery ticket. They ‘scratch’ off each potential customer or business partner from their lottery ticket, and when there’s nothing else left to ‘scratch’ off, they rip up the ticket and say that network marketing doesn’t work. It’s too easy to quit and become another casualty in the  MLM  graveyard.

The bigger question is whether you believe network marketing works for anybody. Most have heard stories of the big money earners. What’s different between the big money earners and yourself? I believe the difference is whether you behave like an amateur and treat your business like a hobby, or become a professional and treating your business like a business. You need to commit to you business. Commit to training and learning the skill sets that are necessary in our industry. Oh, and by the way, the products do NOT sell themselves! And no, you won’t make a million dollars your first month either!

3. Your Past Does Not Have To Equal Your Future

Your past doesn’t matter – only the desire in your heart. Are you willing to do things that others won’t in order to have a life that others can only dream about? Will you develop your skills so that you don’t need to be lucky? Your skills will make or break your future. Take your life to a completely different level. It is possible for you to succeed in this business.

It all starts with a decision. When are you going to decide that you are not going to live like this anymore? Take responsibility and start your journey – today.

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Source by Dan McMonigle