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If you are a business owner you probably already know that in most families, it is mom who has the final say on purchases. Moms have their finger on the pulse of the household and they know what the family needs, what they can spend, and what is absolutely not allowed in their home! So if you are a savvy marketer you are already targeting moms. If you haven’t approached this segment of the consumer market, read on.

Not all moms are after the same things. Different stages of parenting require different types of products. However, you can effectively market to the mommy segment that will benefit from your product.

New mommies. These are the moms who are unsure about what they will need to be the best mom in the world, which is every new mom’s goal! They are interested in all the latest parenting gadgets – baby monitors, strollers, cribs, etc. Overnight their shopping interests shift from things that they want and need to things they want and need for an infant. If you have a quality product that can benefit new parents, find a way to promote it in a way that will help the new parent realize how much the product can help them and their new baby.

Moms with toddlers. These moms want their kids to have an edge. After all, preschool can be a competitive area! Kids today need to know more when they enter kindergarten so if you have an educational product that is geared toward preschool children these moms are your customers. These moms are also learning the importance of saving money, so they are the ones that search out great sales. A recent study has shown that over 40 percent of moms make purchases online if the item is on sale. Nap time is a perfect time for mom’s to surf the internet looking for great deals, but usually only on weekdays. If you have a web based business, if is a good idea to offer sales or discounts that are valid Monday’s through Fridays. Weekends are family time so you won’t find many moms shopping then.

Moms with teenagers. Mother’s of teenagers mostly just want to pull their hair out! But they are looking for great deals for their kids. These moms want the most bang from their buck because the things teens want are usually quite expensive! Technology items are one of the hottest selling items for moms of teens. They are trying to get their kids ready for the real world so they look for deals on laptops, iPods, cell phones and other technology related items.

Empty nest moms. Now you might think that these moms are past the spending stage. But nothing could be further from the truth. These moms are still looking for the bargains, but they have shifted once again in the products they are looking for. These moms are looking for great prices on airfare so they can visit their faraway children. These moms are starting to rediscover themselves and they are taking up new hobbies. As a result they are shopping for golf clubs, cameras, and educational classes. Many moms of this age are also taking care of their own parents as they age, so they are shopping for healthcare options and products.

As you can see, moms are very influential shoppers. Most mothers want the most for their money and they celebrate great bargains! Even though the needs of mother change over time, if you aren’t marketing to moms you are missing out on a very influential segment of the consumer market.

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Source by Jamie Rona