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Recurring bacterial vaginosis is an issue which many women face. BV treatment with the help of antibiotics is usually effective for most women. However in almost 30% of women who make use of antibiotics for BV cure the condition reappears within 3 months of treatment. How to deal with repeated attacks of vaginosis?

Women who are prone to suffer from recurring bacterial vaginosis should start the treatment by adopting certain basic lifestyle changes. Although simple these changes are very effective in the long run. Some of these changes include

•Abstaining from vaginal douching

•Replacing IUD with other method of contraception

•Avoiding multiple sexual partners

•Refrain from using vaginal sprays, deodorants etc which might contain chemicals capable of disturbing the natural vaginal pH balance.

It is a misconception that recurrent bacterial vaginosis is a sexually transmitted disease. Repeated attack of vaginosis happens primarily because of some specific cause which disrupts the natural vaginal flora.

The lactobacilli bacteria naturally present in our vagina produces hydrogen peroxide. This helps to maintain the acidic pH in a healthy vagina and also keeps a check on the count of other anaerobic microorganisms present in the vagina.

Whenever the count of hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli reduces considerably there is an increase in number of other anaerobes in the vagina. This causes an increase in the pH of the vagina and results in bacterial vaginosis.

Here are some of the things you can do to prevent recurring bacterial vaginosis.


This therapy makes use of harmless bacteria to replace the vaginosis causing bacteria. Lactobacilli bacteria supplements are orally consumed or made use for vaginal application. Yogurt is rich in Lactobacilli and is natural remedy for BV cure.

2.Preventing the BV causing organisms from multiplying in large numbers

Research has indicated that recurrence of vaginosis normally happens within the first 7 days of the menstrual cycle. Immediately after the onset of BV, Candida infection also follows in most cases. Hence doctors recommend the use of oral or intra-vaginal Metrogel for 3 days at the start of the monthly periods. This must be done for at least 4-5 months for the infection to completely clear up. In addition, the use of anti-fungal medicine is recommended for women prone to Candida.

The exact reason for recurring bacterial vaginosis continues to remain a mystery. It is not yet proven whether a reduction in the count of beneficial bacteria in the vagina (ie) lactobacilli happens first, or an overgrowth of BV causing bacteria takes place first. Hence to get rid of this condition permanently remedies which will address both these issues simultaneously must be used.

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